Sunday, October 13, 2013

The illusion of buzz

I am on a mission to declutter; a detox spree of sorts. At the moment I am writing these words, my yahoo inbox has 1 read email, 34 sent emails, 1 spam, and 2 emails in the trash folder. I am sure that for a lot of people, this is nothing extraordinary. Their email folders are always clean and organized. Not me; I've never been that person. For some reason, I always let matters pile up till it gets to a point of me simply breaking down overwhelmed. This is why these inbox statistics mean a lot to me. I have arrived at this number after having started out with over 8000 emails in my inbox that had gathered over six years. I rarely delete anything. I always want to analyze them all - every single word in every single email, but never can do it instantly. And so they waited - waited for six long years - forgotten, rusted, and ancient.

Contrary to what I thought, sorting and decluttering are not fun activities. They are emotionally demanding and drain one of energy. If you are simply going to delete all, it shouldn't be a problem. But I was sure that amidst all the junk, there would be treasure that will need to be archived. So you go back, simply glancing at some subject lines, opening the others, and taking a call as to which folder they would best belong to. Most of them, of course, go to the trash can. The newsletters that you thought you will read, the vocabulary hints that you planned to study for CAT, the weight loss tips that you intended to follow, the self-help forums that subscribed to, the runners' club that you decided to be an active part of - well, truth is, you never ever had time for them all. But you still subscribed anyway. It is always easy and gratifying to believe that you can do everything you want to.

And so the journey proceeds, email after email. And then it strikes you that you are not simply sifting through old email, you are actually sifting through memories, events, promises, relationships, and goals - you are actually taking a walk through your past! You observe the distinct phases, you see correspondence with people at different phases - all of whom disappear gradually to be replaced by new names. You realize that you have not changed at all, although many of your priorities did with time. You are embarrassed by who you were in certain emails, and surprised by the maturity you exhibit in others.

Finally, there are all sorted and stacked and tagged in folders. You feel a sense of control over your past. Your inbox is empty. You have been so caught up with organizing the past that you are a bit uncomfortable with the emptiness of the present that is symbolized by the inbox with no email. Now what? The cobwebs have been cleared, the space has been made, but you are so used to being in the illusion of plenty that the empty space seems unsettling. Nothing seems significant enough to be thrown in there. Nothing seems significant enough in life anymore. You want all the emails back; not because they added any value but simply because they created an illusion of buzz.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Self-esteem -- Not Something To Be Guarded Constantly

Self-esteem can be such a fragile thing for some people! You could have years of accomplishment behind you, many hundreds of moments of being appreciated and honored for your brains, talent, and character, and the presence of wonderful people in your life who would go any lengths to show that you mean a lot to them. And yet, a single ridicule, a snide remark, a minute of being ignored, forgotten, or insulted is all it takes to make you feel worthless.

What a scary proposition is that! And yet, so true! It is as though the self is impervious to the good things about itself, but takes double the hit for anything otherwise. Life then becomes a constant run to hide and protect the self from hurt and pain; an existence born out of fear. Because, you have no armor to shield you from injury. You either protect your self-esteem, or let it take a dip. Self-esteem, I think, is not something that has to be constantly protected; not a healthy reality. It has to stand tall, hard and impenetrable. This is, of course, at the risk of becoming narcissistic or arrogant, and it has been the case with many. I know of far too many who could do with a little dip in self-esteem; they would be so much more human and empathetic that way.I guess, for them, the story was the other way round; the good things were absorbed strongly, and the hard moments could never really sink in. Strong though that sounds, I think a lot of golden lessons lie in the hard, ugly moments of life.

I guess, then, that the real deal is about knowing that everyone is as special as you, and yet at the same time, acknowledging that you cannot be made to feel worthless or insignificant by anyone except your own self.  From the former is born respect for others, and from the latter, comfort in your own skin that cannot be jarred frequently. It is a tight rope to walk on and a tough balancing act. I have been fortunate to see more than my fair share of people who balanced the equation wonderfully. I continue to respect them for it, and hope that some day, I can be the same too -- humble, and yet invincible to the forces that often sink my self-worth.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Now Open

Hello there!

Actually, I am not too sure who I am greeting here, but really, it doesn't matter. It feels good to re-open a long-favorite chapter again. I feel like one of those grownups who was long gone to fight life's battles and got successful and rich and famous, found greener pastures, and then, one dusty twilight evening, returns to homeland and opens the door of her house; a house that heard her worst fears, most passionate dreams, and most inane everyday tales.

Well, that's not exactly the case here though. For one, the tale hasn't turned out that dramatic or valiant. I might be slightly better-off by life's standards than where I left a year ago, but no fairy tales there. I definitely have a better job, one that doesn't make me SO angry every morning (see previous post). I certainly have a less chaotic picture of what I need from life (which is not really a good thing, isn't it?). But a lot of things haven't really changed. Still stubbornly impractical, still sensitive, still fantasy-prone, and still self-centered. Sigh! It is almost as if I expect an "awwww" to go off in the background.

But the most important thing is, I've been punished; punished for leaving the blog. There has been a marked, noticeable change, deterioration rather, in my ability to express thoughts. I often find myself stumbling for the right words while talking and writing. My vocabulary seems to have taken a hard hit, and I am often in the midst of writing the most weirdly phrased sentences.  I guess writing, like any other muscle, is one that constantly needs exercise. In a way, it is scary when you think about it. Forget how hard you accumulate skills at writing, you need to sustain it regularly with practice. Else, only a fraction of all the hours previously invested, would really come along. Perhaps, most of the things in life are this way. Wait, everything is this way!

Take education. Eighteen years of learning all kinds of theories and statements and facts, and yet, we probably remember only a tiny fraction of them.Take relationships. It is hard to keep track of people we really thought we got close to, people whom we really believed, at a particular stage of life, would come along forever. Yet, only a handful have stuck along. And again, while it does matter how strong the foundations of a relationship are, lack of work at it tends to make it only a fragment of what it could have been. So, well, that leaves a lot of things to work on.

Conclusion. Damn, there used to be a time when I would conclude posts for two paragraphs. Anyways, the conclusion is that...I need to write. Seriously just write. It was a big dream to sort thoughts and have well-designed, super-structured blogs with unique columns and headers for different kinds of posts. Not that it cannot happen. But it seems too bad to wait until that happens. Because we really don't have control over every aspect of goals. We choose them, and then, they need to choose us.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nice meeting you, Mr.Anger

I have become a very bitter person these days. I have become a more bitter person these days.

At any moment, I am either angry or ready to spew expletives – angry with myself for some stupid decisions, angry with certain people for influencing these decisions and most importantly, angry with a world that runs a system which entertains the realities brought forth by such decisions.

I am angry with buses that never come on time; and when they finally come, five buses to the same route come together. Sometimes, after a long wait, a bus does come but passes without stopping. At those moments, I feel like starting a protest or worse, throwing a stone and breaking the windows of these things to make them stop. I am angry with conductors who can’t move their asses up and come and collect the tickets. I am angry with men who don’t understand that after a long day, we are too tired to even get worked up about their ogling at us. 

 I am angry with people whose only high point in the day comes with having that couple of seconds to brush against a woman. I am angry that I have become too numb to even react or give them a piece of my mind. I am angry with the people outside these buses in cars with blaring music who will never experience such things day in and out. I am angry with the high society women who never have to work nine-to-five and strut about in designer clothes, taking care of designer boutiques gifted by their fathers.

I am angry with individuals who assume that they are the centre of my universe. I am angry with their inability to empathize with my need for a break and have the audacity to tire me with their heavy exhausting sentiments day in and day out.

I am angry with entrepreneurs who make people work so that they can enjoy their life. I am coming to think that entrepreneurship is a simply a cleverly crafted monetizable plan on how to make others work for you so that you need not work for anyone, ever and have a blast every day doing what you love outside office.

I am angry with delusional, seriously disturbed managers, who have lost all traces of warmth and think that their product is the next best boon to the universe and OUGHT to be the next media sensation, no matter what. I am angry with their pathetic inability to see the pointlessness of their jobs.

I am angry with hierarchies. I am angry with inequality. I am angry with suffering.

Sometimes, I feel all this anger getting pent up within me is surely going to make me do something drastic soon. But the beauty of all this is – I finally understand what it is to be angry, to be really angry – with problems greater than those concerning my own life. There are two ways out when you are confronted by a frustrating environment - you can either get repelled or you get angry. The former leads to escapism. The latter leads to a desperation to fight back. 

All that someone needs to do right now is perhaps prod me a little to rebel and I will willingly raise slogans and mouth curses at all the inefficiency and injustice (with special curses reserved for the bus department). 

A really intelligent girl in my class once told me that the biggest pity is that we middle-class folks have forgotten how to be angry. We are too passive and that is our problem. Where there is passivity, there is never going to be real meaningful change. I think I am finally beginning to understand her.

At times, I feel like I dropped in here from another world. My campus was another world. It was located far from the hustle and bustle of the city, though thinking of it now, Coimbatore itself was quite a dream city. A scene of the serene hills of the Western Ghats was the view outside our windows. The sprawling green campus was a self-sustaining peaceful community of its own. There was everything we needed – a grocery, a clinic, a play-ground, a canteen, an electrical shop, a tailoring shop – everything needed to go about life, sans crowd, pollution, bitterness, aggressive competition and most importantly, pointless consumerism. People walked slower, smiled more and seemed less exhausted.

Why can’t we all live in communities like the one in the movie ‘The Village’ – far from the noise and lights and brain-washed, non-thinking masses – a world where people reach out to one another. A fairy tale. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Perils of Traveling

Traveling is a dangerous thing.

It shakes the very foundation of stability that the world has so carefully conditioned us to believe in and aspire for. It melts the strong chords that bind us to the motivations which keep us going for the race everyday. It opens windows, the views from which were never meant to be savored. Finally, it makes us question if indeed the beliefs we hold about the ideal life hold any element of truth in them at all.

Every time I am back from travel, the life I am leading seems more purposeless than ever.

The family went for a trip to Trichy last week. We don't have our relatives there. It was a place I was visiting after almost 12 years. Dad wanted to go on a 'temple-sightseeing' marathon of sorts. I didn't mind. I like temples; the ambiance in them.

There was that initial resistance, of course. The possibility of a quiet weekend at home, lying on the bed, dreaming, reading fiction, watching movies, and browsing random sites, was indeed tempting. Interestingly, activities of the like are what I have been doing over all weekends since work life began and yet, till date, I have never felt completely refreshed. So, it was worth giving something different a shot.

It was a spectacular trip - to say the least. Nothing mind-blowing in particular if I had to point it out but on the whole, I have never felt so rejuvenated in a long time. That is the beauty of travel. It got me wondering - How often do I go to places that I have absolutely never been to before? How often do I get out of Chennai?  I decided then that no matter what, I would strive to leave the city and go elsewhere - anywhere - at least once a month. 

During the trip, there was a feeling of homecoming, as though man truly belonged only to the road; He wasn't meant to be caged in giant concrete structures, chasing deadlines and sales targets. After the trip, there was this stir within - a restlessness that I am going back to an artificial pointless system, a rat race of constant hurrying for no reason that was going to make the world a better place i.e., either add beauty, add knowledge or help another human being.  It made me ask myself "What the heck am I doing with my life?". Is this what I would do if I had just a month to live? I think if most of us had just a month to live, we will surely quit our jobs. 

Work is meditation. True. We were not built to lie down sleeping the whole day but somehow the system of career today seems so unnatural and stifling to the human spirit. By nature, we are all nomads within. What we find ourselves in today, truly goes against our innate nature. Is there a system possible where we do not have to go for a nine to five job?  Or is it too late to revert back to that kind of a living? Yet, I am sure - if every person were granted the freedom to develop in a conducive manner without any restrictions and rules, there would be a flourishing of inventions, art, literature and beauty. 

There is a gross murder of creativity in the pattern we are following today, where we move like a herd of cows. It has made us all prisoners of mass thinking, prisoners of routine - incapable of free thought, incapable of rising beyond mediocrity and carving a unique niche for ourselves. Unfortunately, our system rewards lavishly those who follow this pattern most devoutly and sincerely - the punctual ones, the conscientious ones and hardworking ones. Our system has its own way of punishing those who deviate by pushing them down all the orders - financial, social and legal.

Success then, is a measure of your ability to not get distracted in this race and have single-minded focus on results, productivity and target without pausing to think of the relevance of it all. The dreamers fare poorly. The ability to dream or hold ambiguous thoughts is a huge liability and survival makes it necessary not to develop those skills. 

The good news -  it is possible to be completely oblivious to any of these disturbing thoughts for a long time. There many safeguards in place to keep us in check. The key then is to avoid those triggers which get us thinking otherwise, of seeing the big picture - triggers like TRAVEL. 

This is why travel is bad. It makes me think of all these things. It makes me want to escape and never come back to the order. It reminds me of all the possibilities in another world. Travel not just makes all the problems and stress of the usual life seem small, travel also makes the gratifications and joys of this life seem insignificant. 

Sometimes, I kid myself into believing that someday, I will surely find a way to get out of it.

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Friday, August 10, 2012

An Introvert in Social Media

Well, how do I start?

It has been a good two months since work started and what I had always presumed turned out to be true - that is, no amount of thinking and contemplating, will ever beat being there and doing it and seeing for yourself. You need to live it to really know it.

I was a bundle of confusions (err.. almost always have been) regarding my 'calling' or career (however you chose to look at that aspect of life). After doing two degrees, each as related to the other as a bat is to a cow, I was feeling the itch to finally spend what I rightfully earned. Yes, spend - perhaps the most hedonistic pleasure of life...something I have never allowed myself to wallow myself in.

 For some reason, despite having the best parents in the world (according to me, duh), I have, ever since I can remember, been ridden with huge guilt when it came to spending. So I thought it was high time I stopped forming theories of personality matches with profession and just get my ass up there into the work force. 

I bet anyone who even remotely knew me would have laughed their hearts out on seeing the title - 'Social Media Strategist'. Well, that is how 'social' I have been all my life. For the college farewell, every student was given a title. Mine was 'Ms.Missed Call'. For every 10 calls one made to my phone, I would attend just one or two - well, that is how social I was. 

For some reason, nothing was more distressing to my existence than hearing that cursed ringtone and picking it to be greeted with a "Heeeeeeeeyyyyyy, whatsaaaaaaaaap?". Well, because inevitably I have never been successful at finding the answer to that question. What is up? Nothing. I mean, yes, a thousand things are up in my head right now but none that I could be able to share with you. 

If 'social' meant being kind, courteous, supportive and empathetic, yes, I have had no problems with it and thank god for that. But if 'social' meant being gregarious, high-spirited, funny, loud and bubbling with high powered energy all the time, I was definitely anti-social. Thankfully, my job keeps a good distance from the latter terms. 

Still, why social media? I could have readily been a lab researcher, data analyst or science editor and also made a huge success out of it since they are tailor made for the introvert's need for space. Simple - because despite all the resistance to company, it feels so satisfying to be able to reach out to people.  Despite all the resistance to participating in crowds, I have always been interested in understanding crowds. 

Perhaps they are two different things altogether. The person who always skips the late night parties, might still be extremely interested in reaching out to people through other means...or maybe, it transcends choice and becomes a necessity to reach out to others by alternate means in order to balance himself. I think social media has provided me with that kind of a balance and I love the fact that thanks to it, I CAN reach out to them, interact with them, support them, communicate with them - all the while, maintaining a comfortable distance and having the choice to switch off anytime it gets overwhelming. 

I think I love my job and for a long time, I imagined that I would never be able to say this sentence - ever. 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

An ordinary journey but a worthy one

The past couple of days have been beautiful - a new realization dawned on me without warning or cue. Perhaps it was always within, perhaps not. Or maybe the subconscious finally found the way to enlighten me with some wonderful truth or it maybe it always knew the truth and waited with bated breath to pass in on when I least expected it.

I have finally realized that it is okay to be ordinary. And by ordinary, I do not refer to settling for what we consider mediocrity. Ordinary, to me, is about acceptance. 

I always had this problem - I believed in a special place called greatness and I believed that it was only reserved for a select few. I didn't see the world as flat... I think it saw as a hierarchy - planes one on top of the other. At the top, there were these really special beings, the chosen ones - they changed the world, they brought in extraordinary beauty, set new standards and fought valiant battles the results of which determined the future of all the others in the lower planes. It was not a matter of inferior or superior beings but it was definitely about special and ordinary beings. While everyone were equal and indeed ought to be treated equal with respect and compassion, a few set examples and created fairy tales that would be recounted by the rest.

It was an inspiring proposition to entertain in a dangerous mind. It was not just that I aspired to get to that place, but by some quirky logic, I actually believed that I would get there. Really believed it - which was, in a way, a shortcut to misery; because every hour was a journey and every mistake was a costly blunder. And every other success story was an opportunity lost. I think I simply watched too many movies with the fail-dream-try-sweat-win plot. 
It will always be a journey with no defined end

It is not to crime to aspire. Definitely not. But to always live every moment looking forward and dreaming of the future might come across as inspiring in a two-hour movie but it is a bit myopic to do so in real life. Real life is all about the present and real joy is all about gathering beautiful memories of the present. It is not a one time beginning-build up-conflict-climax-destination-end sequence like in the movies. There is NO one-time single ultimate destination here. We could spend all day and all night obsessing over achieving the goal but it comes with a cost. 

I still believe in hope, dreams and aspiration - but I think the competition should be with ourselves . And it should come with the acceptance that life is so much more than that - it is about love, peace and the joy of seeing others happy. I still don't agree that there will ever be one universal definition of success. Greatness then is not about getting to that plane above everybody else but about being a better person than the one who went to bed last night.

'When is thinking and dreaming excessive? 
When it prevents us from doing and living'

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Jungle around us

There are humans. And then, there are animals. 

I think it is highly foolish to believe that everyone processes information, values and ideas the same way in which we do; that everyone thinks the same way we do; and that everyone possesses the same ideals of morality that we believe defines a human.

There are many animals around us and there are many more within us. We are not the same all the time - I have done inane things in the joy drunken, post-work party nights which I would never have in the self-controlled, work-driven mind of the morning light. I sometimes have the most unbelievable defenses convincing me that something unacceptable is actually okay in my case. There are plenty of reasons that can be offered in justification of the most heinous acts by the ever-mysterious mind.

And this is exactly why incidents like the Guwahati molestation incident doesn't make me feel so much shocked or  angry as it makes me feel helpless.  The men there cannot be compared with human standards at all - they were all possessed by the terrible animal spirit that hides within all of us to various degrees and it was so blatantly evident in the way that they were enjoying themselves as though they were engaging in a casual sport - no hesitation, not the slightest doubt or remorse. It is that occasional animal spirit that comes out in the otherwise normal people in their most angry or frustrated states - perhaps that is the baseline morality of men like these all the time.

People say we need to do things to them - hang them in public, sentence them to life imprisonment, strip them in public and stone them and so on. Well, I wonder what purpose it might solve, other than perhaps a sense of vindication for the victim, and well, feeding our own animal spirits within. Any hope of eliciting guilt or remorse from those men, to me, is a far-fetched fantasy. It is an exhausting thing to make animals feel what their minds blocked out years and years ago. 

Perhaps a better place to start would be from the near-humans - those who watched the crime and couldn't get themselves to act for reasons other than the pleasure of voyeurism. Maybe they were scared of being shamed themselves by such an animalistic mob, perhaps they didn't know if it were appropriate to interfere, or maybe they were apathetic. I think these individuals might be a better place to start and we are them. 

The need of the day, to me, is not so much about vague statements like "we need the state government's immediate intervention and stringent punishment of the guilty" and "steps must be taken to see that the safety of women is ensured in public places". Perhaps I have grown pessimistic but I am tired of these predictable statements of the institutions. Not that I blame them... how much can one do to curb animal tendencies in millions of people? Surely, a better economy will help ease certain triggers; definitely, a better education for everyone will. But at the end of the day, the world around will always be a jungle for a long time to come and the smartest thing to do can be to prepare our wits, mind and resources to defend ourselves to the best possible extent, erasing the slightest notion that something called the 'public' will ever comes for help or support.

Monday, June 4, 2012

P.S - I Loathe You

A lot of things in this world defy reason. And one of the prime members of this list will always be human relationships - ever valiant in its record of defying reason, logic and understanding. 

Perhaps anything which involves effort and performance will always be a member of this category because we all quite well know that seldom is output perfectly correlated with the inputs of effort or energy put into something. And relationships loyally follow this mystery of sorts.

There have been people whom I have absolutely despised for no reason; whom I simply cannot stand the sight of. Well, I could, in retrospect, conjure reasons but surely, they were not so severe to warrant a reaction of that measure from me. And then, there have been people, to whose faults I have almost been near amnesiac. Like a giant wave swallowing everything on its path, the wave of warmth that surges in me for them gulps down anything unacceptable about them to forgettance. 

I think, primarily, this only makes me understand that problems, if any, is never with the other person. It is always with me. True, I have time and again told myself that if I am irritated with anyone, the fault almost certainly rests with me. And I believe it. However, little can belief do to change the habit or perception itself.  Hence, while, I acknowledge how irrational the human mind is, I can do little to set it right.

But should I, is the question. It is really worth the effort to create a world where I would well up with love for every person I meet? Is it possible? Why not simply avoid those who do not seem to strike the right chord? Yes, I wish such an easy way out from the complexities of life was possible. Yet, what if these are the people you need to spend the most of life with? What if avoidance is not a possibility? Should I give them the cold shoulders or flash the broadest of smiles in the last hope that doing might precede thinking?

I wish I could have the answers. Yet, right here and now, I only feel the less enlightened me, kicking hard in rebellion to escape this trap of frustration. These are moments which make mutual dislike feel like  great news, though it does bring with it, its own horrid troubles. But at least, you are not forever stuck in the guilt trap of finding yourself not feeling a thing for that nice person or worse, wishing that someone around simply disappears from the face of this planet for no reason of theirs.

Great lessons these are. For one thing, they teach you that something called a natural chemistry indeed exists. For another, you understand that it is pointless 'trying' to want someone to like you because these are reactions that apparently do not follow any logic or rationale. Sometimes, people will dislike us for no reason of ours and we have to live with it. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Herd and its Masters

I was trying to read into online behavior, which happens to be a part of the requirement of the job.

I largely realized then, of how little I actually understood others' behavior at all. And this, despite having consistently flaunted interest in behavioral sciences. Sad. Looks like I was too tightly confined in my own shoes all this while. While I enjoyed deriving from these theories, the explanations for my own questions and confusions, seems like I never looked beyond it to actually understand the aspirations, likes, needs and motivations of those who walk around. Or maybe I was too naive to think that if I understood my needs, aspirations and likes, I could actually generalize it to the whole of humanity! 

Yes, I think that was the problem all along - I thought the world actually ran the way I thought it did; that people functioned the way my mind did. I imagined for so long that everyone found twitter blah, read blogs to introspect, hated Facebook chat and never really got excited about dumb memes. But I was wrong. Big time wrong. Embarrassingly-off-the-mark wrong. 

And as I gear up to start understanding these things all over again in a new light, a voice in me warns me to be very very careful. Because with discovery of differences, comes the deep ingrained inclination to label. To judge. 

Some people actually play that silly game for hours on FB? Geez...Lame!

Folks actually follow and share every picture posted on McDonald's community page?? Get a life dude! 

People actually read these story-behind-Priyanka's-tatooes type stories and comment on it? *No words*

"When you truly care for someone, their mistakes never change your feelings because it's the mind that gets angry but the heart still cares" goes a photo/ post card. In my mind, that simply triggers a big *beep beep beep* for corniness. But apparently, thousands of people have shared it.

So big empathetic bang-head-on-the-wall lesson - People are different. Different. Different.*echoes*

There is this tendency to put myself on a higher pedestal and look down on the lower mortal activity happening on the internet - 'lower' simply because I don't adhere to it. Guilty as accused. And I can only hope I do not succumb to this in future.

But certain areas, I confess, I will never understand. It baffles me as to why people would become fans of brand pages, loyally answer every single brand promotion question and take part in contests whose creators surely had to have assumed that participants were downright stupid. It amazes me that it is possible to place your deep felt values and emotions on things like watches, cars, pizzas and malls. I know many do. Their online activities clearly give it off. 

I always naively thought that commercials have no effect at all. But recently, I realized what a fool I had been - for not having considered the point that marketers wouldn't have wasted millions of dollars without having this one fact assured. 

If everyone were like me, perhaps we would have still been an agricultural society. Or a communist one.

It sometimes makes me sad that the digital sphere has reduced commitment and pledging of loyalty to shallow terms. 'Click like to win a free coupon' or 'Tweet positive feedback with #brandname to become fan of the week'. From when did liking and becoming fans become a matter of commercialism? But people do it. Thousands and thousands of them. Should I call them stupid? I don't want to but whatever they are, they sure are lowering the standards of who a consumer really is. It is important we don't do this because only then would companies start to prod on more respectful ways of creating a platform for interaction.

I am not against business. I am not against marketing. But I hope it becomes a process of engagement rather than one of 'easy catch'  ; that it becomes one of bonding than wooing. A brand or product as it is - whether it is a packet of noodles or a bottle of deodorant - is no life changing gift on its own. But we have all had our moments of enjoyment/ entertainment/ utility because of them. After all, we are not living a neanderthal life. 

Maybe I am still a gullible young woman who still doesn't completely understand the politics of it all but I am hopeful that somewhere in this brand jungle, a little meaning and purpose can be created; and if I can be a part of it, I will try to grasp it by all means. Maybe it is all just another case of a desperate human need to imagine meaning where none exists at all but hey, a few cases among these have actually succeeded! :)


The author of this post will soon be joining a digital media consultancy and executing social media campaigns for clients. She never thought she will be making a living out of updating statuses on Facebook but also likes to confess to the readers on a serious note that it is a lot more challenging than that and that she is looking forward to it! :)