Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kandhasamy - Nondhaen Saamy

Averse though am I am to learning about a movie before watching it, I usually get to see most of the scenes or hear the storyline before I hit the theatre. After a very long time, I went to see a movie without having watched a single scene on TV and luckily escaping the all-too-excited-to-share-what-I-saw movie buffs. Alas, if the outcome is what matters, then well, there is not much to say.

I remember seeing the publicity posters and interviews over 2 years back, if I am not wrong. I am a great fan of Vikram and think he epitomizes keen dedication to his movies. Yet, looks like he too has fallen prey to bad choice of scripts. Or perhaps this movie would actually have looked nice on paper. Anyways, here is a postmortem analysis. (Contains spoilers. If you havent watched it yet, I think you would appreciate the following better after doing so)

Anniyan somehow left a deep impact on the mind and the tagline of the downtrodden suffering and one hero mysteriously fighting to save the society seems all too familiar. Hence the very first sequence disappoints and you go like "Oh no, not again!" - Plus, his look in the movie seems like a cross between batman and anniyan - only this time yielding a Rooster-man. ( I was about to type cock-man...sheesh I am getting perverted!) The Rooster-guy flies, dances in the air, and surpise! surprise! acts like a rooster. At first, I was like "Is this some kind of a comic sequence?!" Apparently not. It was the crux of the movie!


mr.weirdo!! said...

cock man is wat a reviewer wrote for hindu and also added in another point that vikram is better in female character doubting his sex - this pissed off vickram who stormed to hindu office wid his wife and bashed d guy left to right :P

Sindu said...

Hahaha... i c...interesting! :) Though the probability is less, I hope Vikram doesnt chance upon this one...