Friday, August 28, 2009

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Actresses and models seem to be getting prettier by the day. They are all the same though .... great figure, awesome straight silky hair, chic look, glitz, glamour, confidence, oomph... supplemented by hundreds of trips to the parlour, scores of hair stylists at their beck and call, make up sessions, and of course money to buy great clothes and accessories.

I mean, today we live in a world where you have the money and a basically good face or a "not - bad" face at the least and you can be a beauty man... beauty. Seriously... such is the advancement today that just anyone can manage to look attractive. You know, usually, they say true beauty is what you radiate from within.. the grace, poise, confidence, attitude, kindness, smile and all these add a certain charisma to the face and you end up actually attracting people even if you are not blessed with the natural curves and hair and face shape and skin complexion.

Yet these days, you start from the reverse. You first set out with a bulging pocket to straighten that coarse hair, bleach the acne marked face, join VLCC for the curves and man! you are attractive. People notice you. You notice that, and suddenly from nowhere that shy meek dumb damsel is a confident bold stylish diva. With money you have bought the attitude, the grace... every damn thing.

So why exactly is there so much pressure to look good? Is it that important? Damn! yes, it is that important. It feels good to be noticed... you feel so important.. so significant. You go for a job- you get noticed. You go to a shopping mall - you get noticed. You go out with your friends - you stand out. And there are the love letters, proposals, fan mails, missed calls... added advantages, unasked for favours.... wow, wont a human being love all this. You don't have to have written a best selling novel, or won a Wimbledon or senator elections. Importance comes at an easy price. Who wouldn't want it. I guess from the early days, beauty was something special.. there are epics, poems, odes, legends and all the crap about beautiful women. Did they also use make-up? We will never know. But am sure there weren't this many opportunities those days.

Everyone is doing it. So, should I indulge too? Oh yes... oh no. It is a never-ending conflict. A bloody conflict. The heart says " Come on... you dont have to be like all the plastic women, be different. Focus on more meaningful passions, talent and virtue" What does the mind say? Cut the f****** crap! passions? talent? well, to come up at all these, you need to be an attractive babe. At least to make the journey easier. And hell, don't kid with yourself. You do want to look good. Dont tell me you don't care.

Well, yes. I do want to look good. No doubt. Still, it is just so frustrating that I cant account for this shallow materialistic innate desire. Yet there is one thing that I have learnt at the end of it all. However good looking you are or whatever you do... as long as your basic belief system says " you suck! you are a fat pumpkin with lousy hair and a horrible bulging nose and you are an old a** hole..", its all lost.


amudhan said...

Sindu, as I have told you in my other comments, you are really stealing my ideas :) I was going to write about these topics, of course, not the same context and content, but similar to these. In fact, similar to lot of your posts. Now, if I am going to write them, I will have to deviate a lot from what I actually wanted so that my post is not similar to any of your contents :) But it is really great to know you are writing topics about instinct and psychology and tough topics. You have the perfect balance between humor and serious context. Amazing. Keep writing, but before that, get a written approval from me :D

Coming to your post:
I never fancied to look better (as I know it will be a futile attempt :)). My father used to tell me that, 'you have to get others attention by your knowledge/skill/wisdom and not by doing whatever everyone out there does'. Though, I never use powder or creams and never comb my hair more than once in a day, there would be an impulse to look at the mirror if there is one :). No matter what, there would always be a subconscious thought which will trigger us to do things so that people notice us. It is pathetic, right? :)

abhster said...

I've never cared about looks much ( maybe thats why I got pimply ) but these days you can find students buying their so called " stylish " wrist bands and 6-pac abs . That is bull shit . The things that makes a person noticable is good clothes ( mine are always T-shirts and a pair of jeans ) . Its rubbish and above that , its hard to believe someone takes plastic surgery to " look better . " such drastic measures should be used only in case of disfigured face by accidents .but people these days never realize that .