Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Post mortem analysis - Part 2

So once again, we have Mr.Perfect, the hero material who commands respect, power and has the sharpest brains in the entire department of CBI. But one has to accept that it does suit Vikram pretty well. (Boy, he looks smaaaaaaart!) And then there enters Shriya. Looks like the director initially forgot to include the heroine in the script and then suddenly remembered that there needed to be songs in a movie and so somehow altered a few minor segments so as to include our short haired sexy damsel. She has ABSOLUTELY no role to the crux of the story and merely comes along to show off her newly perfected style of Arabian dancing (or whatever it is called) in every song.

Talking about songs, I would say they were one of the main killers of an already dying plot. Are our directors under any pressure to absolutely fit in 5 songs in a movie, even if it doesnt flow naturally with the story-line? Looks like it. Also, Suchi's voice does not blend with Shriya.

The story lacks logic immensely. Not that we want movies that make 100% sense. Of course, we are willing to give in a little to fantasy. Still... a band of 11 moden day Robin Hoods staging dramas to absolute precision in such a blunder-free way seems a bit far-fetched.

Acting by all the main protagonists was commendable and one shouldn't forget to applaud the excellent cinematography. Vadivel as usual does not disappoint. Yet, the movie was a lesson that a sound script matters too. I half wanted to leave the theatre a bit after the interval. Dont ask why I didnt. I bleddy paid 25 Dhs (260 Rs) to watch it. Perhaps I need to go to Kandasamy temple and write a letter asking for better movies. Sorry Vikram. I absolutely adore you but you neednt have wasted so much time and effort on this one!

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abhster said...

That movie was a pure waste of time . First fact , no propper story , fact 2 : like you said , songs dont match the emotions , point 3: since when did a CBI agent pretend to be a rooster ?

I expected better in this movie .