Saturday, August 29, 2009

Survival secrets? Na... no one knows!!

“ The world has teeth and it can bite you with it” The girl who loved Tom Gordon ( courtesy : Stephen King) learnt it when nine. The girl who loved and lived in her fantasies learnt it years later at twenty one. Damn, isn’t is so confusing? On one hand the heart yearns to lighten up, enjoy life like a kid and spread sunshine and cheer to all around.

On the other hand, it really is a damn mean world out there. People can be rude, ready to bully, mean, harsh, lewd. They can cheat you, humiliate you or even totally destroy you and your self esteem. What do you do? Smile at them and show what warmth is or adopt a ‘no – nonsense, f*** you if you mess around’ approach? Be on the reach out or be on the self – defense?

Am I exaggerating / taking simple things too seriously? But no, after all the hours of reading / watching news channels, I know that there is an even worse world out there.

Sons dumping old parents in ill-equipped nursing homes, political leaders turn murderers and what not! Suffering – it is all around me, staring and showing its nude front… yet am disillusioned. My vision is blinded by a narrow sphere of comfortable life. I know it all exists, though. Pointless wars claiming innocent lives, riots, poverty, disease, malnutrition, discrimination – on caste, religious, social, racial, sexual; child abuse, terrorism, corruption, hatred, jealousy, injustice, tyranny. It is misery everywhere.

True, I have been lucky- so far. A bit too lucky perhaps. Touchwood. I have absolutely no reason to complain – at least, not yet. So, should I just close my eyes and carry on with my life, shielded by the safety, security and limited prospects of thought and existence? Hell no! That sounds like a wimp, doesnt it?

What exactly is this world anyway? Billions of individuals like you and me. True, nature dictates survival of the fittest. Yes, we are evolving towards betterment all the time through our activities. Everything is. The weak, inadjustable are just washed away from the face of this planet. So, what exactly is being fit to survive? Cheating, insulting and bullying others?

Let us work on a solution for this. There are three options. One, you can allow yourself to become sidelines by the ‘stronger’ of your species. Two, you can fight and survive as an individual. Three, you can start making little differences to the world and try to change what disturbs you.

You can choose either one or two. When you choose the latter, you become eligible to fulfill the third option too. Man is an intelligent species. He had adopted different ways to survive , that is, achieve plan no.2. Yet, there are a few basic underlying rules for all of them.

• You have to be bold about your cause – bold enough to question anything with confidence and self-assurance. You cant be shy or submissive or unsure about yourself. Then, the world will just eat you up. Be bold. And show it in your walk/talk and thoughts,
• Don’t live in fantasies. Live in the world. In fantasies, you escape from reality. In the world, you learn reality. You have to concentrate and be observant to learn fast.
• Be honest. It is always better to fight without flaws.
• Mingle with people. In order to survive with people , you have to first know the people.

That said, now let us see about making a difference. Now that you have learnt the rules of the game, you can reach out and help those who dint. Even if they have already did, you can show the warmth and love that you have to those who matter to you. Trust me, not everywhere do they get it. In little ways when we start making these differences around us, maybe the horror of the world wont stop overnight but at least we know, we played our part well.


amudhan said...

What can I say? "I am amazed by your writing skills" or "Your posts are all awesome" or "Mudiyala" (this is our slang in a positive way :)). I will do my parts through my blogs. Spreading awareness. But please believe me, I have always wanted to do it and your post is a great catalyst for that.

abhster said...

@amudhan : what can I say ? its india . There are bloody social evils going on everywhere . Riots , discrimination , poverty , and crooks on seats of authority in the government .

abhster said...

@sindu : well written . Known about this stuff for a while , but never tried writing about it . I couldnt have put it better myself . I thought ' mudiyala " is supposed to be " not finished " in tamil .