Saturday, August 29, 2009

Whose life is it anyway

It seems a fashion statement these days to say that you just dont care.

" Hey, did you finish the maths assignment? "
" Huh, who cares. I had better stuff to do than waste my evening on why picking a yellow ball was more probable than the red one"

Well, maybe we really did care but this answer seems rather a neat way to escape the fact that you are a geek or nerd or whatever all those people will call you if you had done the assignment. This was just an instance where you fake yourself to get certified from the society that you are normal.

Yeah... normal = common. You are making yourself no different from the thousands of others living in the dismal twilight of mediocrity.

Ok, philosophies apart, my point is there may be other things that we really do want to do but cant. Take the day of yours sincerely. I have a few friends who are girls and many friends who are boys ( Hey, is it my fault if the sex ratio is so biased in the college? )

Ok, things are not so bad that people accuse you for being that way. When you are in a group, no one takes notice. The problem stems when situation arises that there is no one else but one guy who is a friend of yours and one hour to kill. What do you do? Tell him to get lost because it isnt acceptable for a girl and boy to be seen together? Of course not. So you find a place to sit and chat. And that was exactly what I did...

1.Professor M passes by. Shoots you a look, and the look says:

There, yet another couple born to waste their parents' money. Why is today's generation so distracted in life... when I was in College, I never spoke to a girl and I...."

Great. There was really nothing proud to be about my innate mind reading capacity. If anything, it dampened my spirits. Because that was my Maths proffessor. And that look meant more of its successors would follow in his classes and less internals!

2. Student X belonging to the female species. Smiles at you. But underneath the smile:

What a bitch! I saw her with an another guy last week. I wonder how many girls are roaming the college for this. Are they going out? I got to find out

Wonderful! and with the female species' capacity to act like broadcast channels, it meant the news taking various forms and shapes on its journey to a hundred pairs of ears.

Ofcourse, at the end of it all I might say the I'm-the-modern-century-gal statement that I dont care as long as what I'm doing is right. But the truth is I care. We all would. Because these are the people I would be facing tomorrow. Their opinion about me matters. The College is an interdependent community. Be it the Tournament, Council, Project or Culturals, I need help, guidance, support and consent!

The fact is that even in this age of Pizza hut - HBO - Mall culture, most of us, especially in the south are still narrow minded. While our pockets are getting larger on one hand, our minds have remained the same size. While there is a segment of society having an active night life and are regulars at the pubs and discos, there is another segment who have voluntarily shut themselves from them under the name of being cultured. They detest the former ( perhaps, it is the insecurity that they will never get to have such fun..)

Most of us ourselves are that way. You see a couple at the restaurant and involuntarily you register them as lovers. Cant they be friends, cousins, colleagues? And even if they are lovers, what the hell is your problem? I wonder when this open-mindedness will come. Maybe another generation will have to pass.

As for now, I think i will still do the things i want to. Perhaps I really shouldn't care. No, its not a fashion statement. It is that feeling at the corner of my heart that atleast am living my life to my own terms. Bad opinions can perhaps be little hurdles but never major barriers to the bold and daring. Enjoy setting your own rules! ITS YOUR LIFE!

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amudhan said...

Q: Cant they be friends, cousins, colleagues?
A: They can be, but, in more than 80% of the case, they are lovers. It is not your fault and it is not their fault to register in the wrong way :).

Q: Even if they are lovers, what the hell is your problem?
A: Fankly, nothing. There are only two kinds of people who give the loathsome look. (1) Old people who were not used to these things in their adolescent life. (2) People who don't (or can't) do this and the result of stomach-burning :)

If there is a couple at the restaurant, I really don't give any importance. But, believe me, some of the times, they get physical, and that is what is disgusting and irritating. Seeing these kinds of things many times, slowly register in the other person's mind that 'there sits a couple of lovers, who are going to do disgusting things'.

Of course, some one can ask, 'but, hey, what the hell is your problem if they get physical in public?'. Nothing, actually. Hmm... when I think more about this, I can arrive at one answer from my point of view. An insecure feeling that 'what will happen if I am going to get married to such a girl?'

Of course, the post is not just about this right? The intrinsic meaning of this post is, 'As long as you believe that you are doing the right things (or NOT doing the wrong things), you don't have to worry about what others think about you. Am I right?