Thursday, September 17, 2009

blog perception - 2

Here in comes the personal touch to the analysis:

I came across a blog by a college senior of mine today. I had visited this blog a couple of times a long time ago. Now this guy is your perfect example of the Introverted Keirsey Rational Personality.


So here is this guy who probably lives and breathes computers, programming languages, software and other techno-geek stuff; extremely self-confident of his grey matter and expertise; firm focus on some techno start-up in future etc. etc.

Yet, there seemed to be an impresion of "Talk logic, make sense or get lost" in the blog. Is it just the way I felt due to the fact that I sit on the extreme diammetrical opposite of the post of techno-language? (If he were the standard of computer literacy, I am a neanderthal primitive ). There was not a single element of similarity of interest. Yet, from what I read, there was an impression that every single thing you say is going to be logically and rationally analyzed and evaluated and critisism/sarcasm would be inevitable. Here is an iconoclast, waging a war on all incompetencies of the world and its men, relentless and without sympathy.

I was reminded of the INTP description when I went through his posts and comments:

"... he may experience a certain fascination for the emotional world, but he is desperate to de-personalize any thoughts on that area. He is compelled to subject his emotions to continual analysis, the Ti core literally suppressing the Fe shadow, attacking Fe with accusations of irrationality. He resists letting his feelings go, fearing that to do so would be to relinquish control to an unknown force. He believes emotions to be of a lesser substance than logic and his natural goal would be to conquer his emotions with pure rationality.

Much of the above demonstrates the immature and underdeveloped approach with which the INTP meets his emotional side. In reality, the extraverted nature of the INTP's feeling judgement means that his emotions, when visible, are pretty direct and easy to assess. Since the INTP normally wishes to hide his emotions; when they do come out, they do so in outbursts with an almost childlike innocence. There is a sense of all-or-nothing and, when visible, there is nothing enigmatic about the feelings of an INTP: indeed, shadow functions always seem pretty raw and basic.

For the INTP, emotions are seen as something mysterious and as uncontrollable as they are unalterable. Hence, the root of the fear of emotions is the fear that they cannot be controlled. Hence, when an INTP does finally respond emotionally to something, his emotions are indeed left uncontrolled, raw and open. However, when witnessing the emotional response of another person, the INTP intensely resists any similar emotion of his own. An example of this is when watching a 'weepy' cinema film in which some heart-wrenching scene is being shown. The INTP despises the attempt by the filmmaker to influence his emotions and is more likely to sneer than cry. This response has nothing to do with arrogance, however. Rather it is the INTP defensively avoiding exposing what he knows to be his weak point. Where an INTP may experience his own emotional response during a film is when he has had the chance to consider consequences of a element of the film. Hence, emotional response to media input usually occurs with a certain independence of will, which could appear enigmatic to others.

Sexuality is another important area which brings out the Fe shadow of the INTP. Sexuality fascinates INTPs in a similar way to music. Both have an emotional core which does not entirely yield to analysis. Sexual feelings often clash with the INTPs desire to control and understand his universe. They also clash with the desire for detachment and keeping a distance. But sexuality is the one thing who's natural power can break through any type dynamics. Hence, sexuality can play a big role in balancing the INTP's functionality. However, the INTP's natural approach to sexuality will still have true-to-type elements. He will be keen to understand and categorise his sexual responses. He will be keen to see first the generalities of male- and femaleness before any personal references are made. Nevertheless, in an intimate relationship, the extraverted nature of the feeling judgement leads to a beneficial openness and empathic directness in responding to the partner's needs, providing the healthy development of the Fe function is encouraged. Indeed, for many INTPs, an intimate relationship is the only place where the Fe shadow can really develop fruitfully.

The inferior nature of the Fe shadow shows itself, otherwise, in the lack of ability to show active empathy with people undergoing strong emotions. If he wishes to encourage the emotional person, the INTP tends to resort to giving T-based solutions to the problems involved. Often, the INTP does not really know how to empathize and may feel discomfort and helplessness, especially when he understands the rational basis for the emotions. He may become frustrated that the person remains unhappy in spite of hearing his T-based solutions. Much worse is when the emotional person appears to be being irrational. INTPs detest irrational emotion above all things... "

I somehow find it very disarming to be around strong rational tempered personalities. I feel like I am being graded a dumb person purely on the basis of how much logic and sense I put in my words. Being totally dispassionate about anything concerned with technology doesn't help either. How is it ever possible for them to analyze everything from a detached rational standpoint? Where is the human connection?


Scarface said...

INTP? Myer's Briggs test or something? I'm an ENTJ :D

Sindu said...

Yes!Yes!yes!!!! It is MBTI... Im INFP! :D Wow.. glad someone knows abt it... I cldnt explain much in the post for it is a huge field

abhster said...

Ok .... so let me get this straight , an INTP is a person who's pensive and analytical . ENTJs are people who do everything logically and follow their intuition in case of confusion . INFPs are people who deal with things according to how they feel about it and their primary goal is to find out their meaning in life . MBTI stands for Myer Briggs Type Indicator .

So .... there is a whole field of studying human ways which I didnt know about ( thats not so surprising seeing as what I dont know could fill a lot of books ) .

Thank you for introducing me to this field of study which sounds interesting .

My mom keeps telling me to do something constructive and informative seeing as she cant tell me to study afterall , the academic year has not started . Looks like I found the constructive and informative thing to do until I get it done .

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.