Thursday, September 17, 2009

Blog perception

I avoid reading others' blogs whenever I can. It is funny how closely following different people's perceptions of life can suck you into a pseudo-reality wherein you too start believing in its existence.

Within the first few minutes of scanning a post, an impression of the person writing it figures in the mind. When I speak of impression, it is more so of an intellectual evaluation rather than character analysis. The factor that mainly contributes is the credibility of the language ( Grammar esp.). When the first post you see is poorly written and the thoughts are expressed in an incorrect and annoying language, there is immediately a negative evaluation of the blogger. Other things that influence your perception stems from the overall image of the blog ( how rich it looks basically - marketing psychology), the number of posts written so far, the comments, no. of visitors, font size and other subtle factors that go a long way in influencing your premature judgement of the quality of the blog.

When you have positively evaluated the blog, you garner a certain respect on the credibility of the information. Then begins the process of information analysis. Some of us have certain areas of niche that we already know about/ have read a lot about - above average knowledge over the general population in a field. If the information pertain to this field but we see that it is at a beginner level - this might either make no difference or make us lose interest in following the blog closely. On the other hand, when we find that the stuff adds to our knowledge base or interestingly challenges certain assumptions of our knowledge base with rational points, it garners a positive evaluation again.

Another important facet is the blogger profile. When the profile is impressive with testimonials of believable achievements, it goes a great way in positive evaluation. Once this impression of respect is firmly formed, therein begins the influence. You slowly start thinking in their terms and accept the notions that they project about things. ( to be contd...)

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