Saturday, October 24, 2009

Doing nothing...

Too much of anything gets bitter... life is all about finding the balance. Perhaps balance is not something you can "search" or "find". Balance is where you just are at times that you call good.

After a long time, a morning without deadlines, pressure, stress or long to-do lists. Just as I catch myself thinking if this cant go forever, I look back at the times when I really did have nothing to do day after day - I was plain jobless, in both senses of the word. Was it bliss? It was plain horrible. Slowly my mind was going into a state of lethargy, stagnation and what I would call "decay". One could always say that I could still have involved myself in some thing constructive. Yet, it takes a lot of self- discipline to involve yourself in a kind opf work that would keep you engaged with an end in mind, when there is no one to report to or organizational goals to meet.

Hence, I realize that while I do like the state of having nothing to do, it is best appreciated when received between purposeful states of challenging work

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