Sunday, December 13, 2009

The attack!

The dark grey clouds have gathered together,
a strong and massive army ready for attack!
Looking relentlessly aggressive
in following their impending scheme of destruction

Enveloping us with a spirit of gloom,
preventing any ray of light, hope or joy from reach,
their powerful resort to terrorize seems to be succeeding
As they move along roaring loud with vengeance

Oh! we sure do seem small and powerless beneath them
Scurrying, hurrying and hastening for cover,
Once again nature has proved who really is powerful
Some battles, after all, can never be won

Is it just yet another small tryst
to amuse herself by belittling us?
or a long saga that betrays her
pent up wounds of anger?

I am but an insignificant witness
to this war between two worlds
One that I loathe
and one that loathes me.


mr.weirdo!! said...

but wats the link btw rain and 2 worlds?

Sindu said...

Rain is seen as an attack on mankind ( our world) by nature ( The other world) :)

Anonymous said...

lovely poem . loved it . especially liked the " enveloping us with a spirit of gloom " part . brilliant work . lot of meaning . lot of poems I've read are either childish or no meaning . This poem has a lot of meaning , such accurate description , and the good illustration of emotion . brilliant work

Anonymous said...
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gj said...

a free-verse poem !!!!

Sindu said...

@ Anonymous: Thanks a ton... perhaps its time I reinvent my love for poetry :)