Sunday, December 13, 2009

Its raining!! :(

Wow.. it is actually raining here in Abu Dhabi!! How could anyone like rain? Ok, forget the ecology/economics junta like having more water for the cotton farmers and feeding them etc. Yes, they are happy and are celebrating. Good for them. On a more individual level, does everyone really love rain? As far as I can remember, I have always gotten weird glances whenever I used to declare that rain was disgusting. It was as though I was cold and stone hearted and lacked the lovely dreamy romantic feminine spirit. "Oh, but its such a beauuuuuuuuutiful weather", they used to chime. Some others, seeking to build a common platform to agree on would say, "Um..yeah, the roads do get disgusting when it rains and the traffic is unbearable". But hey! I did not mean that buddy - I am talking of rain as in RAIN! It is pouring from the sky and I dont care where it pours - whether on dirty roads, making them dirtier or on the smooth surface of the roads of Singapore - I still hate it. The ONLY good part of UAE to me was that it never really rained and now nature has conspired to send those elements of her that I loathe to follow me wherever I go. :( Man, this IS winter depression!


abhster said...

yeah , the last time it rained in abu dhabi ( last month ) , some guy splashed water on me , and going out for a jog at the park was quite impossible . why would anyone love rain ? it gets you wet ( whether by nature or by people ) , it ruins your mood , and the school never gives a holiday either ( whether sun or rain , schools goes on working ) .

Sindu said...

@abhster: Lol... perhaps we should start the "go-away-rain-come-again-another-day" club. But trust me...there wouldnt be a lot of people joining us!! :)

Scarface said...

i'll join!!! I hate the rain, snow is wayyyyyyyy better