Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Yes! my room is a mess and I love it!

Why doesn't anyone understand?? I absolutely have NO problem with my room being untidy, with papers lying all over and books scattered and clothes piled up. And TRUST ME! it is NOT laziness. Okie... maybe you can call it creativity and an artist's workplace ;) but jokes apart, I know where my things are and I have no problem going to the right disorderly pile and grabbing the right thing I want in minutes. Ok, maybe it does cause some lag of time and gets me late, but hey, its not my room! Its me! Even if my room were spin and span, I would still not be early!

It might sound like am a carefree, lethargic, idle procrastinator... but the truth is those of us who are disorganized and not-so-perfectly methodical are far from these. We seem to have so many things to sort in our mind and our focus rarely comes to the sensory external world or the immediate present or reality around us. By the way, who does define order? Order and chaos are relative terms. What is order for you might me chaos for me! Remember the time you were thinking so hard and walking that you almost missed seeing the manhole in front of you? It is the same case here. We do love being productive too but we prefer to spend our energy on our own priorities and end up missing the deadlines or "external-world" priorities! Sounds arrogant? Well, sometimes it got to be accepted that everyone neednt work the way the world defines work to be.

True, it has not been an easy ride for me with these so called "unproductive" qualities. My mother has finally given up in exasperation after telling me SINCE SECOND GRADE to pack my bag the previous day/ tidy up my room. Lol...15 years.. I sure appreciate her persistence.

When (IF) I become a parent someday, and if my child has a messy room, I promise I would never interfere.

And hey! Research supports us too. Those of you who are interested in this, probably because you belong to my clan too, should check this out:


I especially liked this part: "If Sir Alexander Fleming had kept his bacteriological laboratory scrupulously clean and tidy, he wouldn’t have gone on holiday leaving open Petri dishes scattered by an open window, and when he returned he wouldn’t have noticed that a small patch of mould had invaded one of his dish cultures and that the staphylococci were keeping their distance from said mould and he would never have discovered penicillin."



abhster said...

I know exactly how you feel !!! my mom always tells me to keep my table and draws and shelves clean , but they just keep getting messy as I pull something out from the bottom . maybe my reason of failing to keep my room clean is because of laziness ( maybe , just maybe , ) but even I never have any trouble in finding my stuff .

abhster said...
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Sindu said...

@abhster: Lazy..you? you seem very responsible for your age to me...

anitha said...

aaah! I belong to your clan for sure :)

The depressing note here is that this world is so dame filled with organised, meticulous people who not only look down upon us, but, constantly urge us to change as from their perspective 'its hard for these sections of the society to achieve anything great in life'.. omg! i really dont understand who gave them the previledge to do that..

I honestly feel that our room is a reflection of our mind! The more tidier it is , lessar are those creative thoughts running in mind!

loving all your posts Sindu!! Waiting to read more of them :)

abhster said...

@anitha : you're probably right , but I do know a guy who is probably the least creative person I know and his table is worse than haiti after the earthquake.

Ash said...

Exactly abishek eveni do the same at last my mom cleans up the whole mess

Sindu said...

@ Anitha: True Anitha.. dont worry, we shall always be staunch defenders of our clan! :)