Thursday, January 21, 2010

Experiments with self - II

Ayurveda, the oldest tradition of Science claims that you only need food that can be fit into two palms held together in order to sustain yourself. Trust me, the quantity is extremely less! If it indeed is true, over-indulgence is not enough to describe the life that has passed me by. The amount they describe is probably what most of us snack for tea time. Is it really possible to sustain on such less food with in fact, better health and vibrant energy? Are we abusing the system with excess?

Critics would retort - " Listen Sweetheart, not eating is not the solution. Are you putting on weight honey? Then, start exercising. That is how I lost 6 Kgs in 3 weeks! As long as you keep yourself in shape by being active , you really do not have to worry. And oh yes, avoid sweets, ghee, fried food and chocolates. "

Dear critics and so-called 'well-wishers', I just got one line for you - your words disgust me! 

Eyeing life through the lens of social acceptability ("Thin is in") , aesthetics or culture pressure is one thing. I could eat spinach everyday for a month and lose 10 kgs. Why, I could even go for quick-fix liposuction. I will not agree with those who say the former is healthier than the latter. According to me, both are symbolic of objectification of the body, wherein you treat it like an accessory and fix it/ mould it. Getting suddenly concerned about your body when your weighing scale shows the red scale and taking it for granted when no crisis signs surface is a shallow way of seeing yourself and my post is not about it.

On the other hand, I want to explore the conditionings of my mind regarding food and limitations of the body. Is it really possible to win the obsessive - compulsion for eating ? You could keep delicious meat near a carnivore that is not hungry and be confident that it will not be touched. Human beings and creatures domesticated (read 'spoilt') by human beings are the only ones which eat when not hungry. How much food do we really need?

The point is not whether it matters or not... It is one thing to keep 'managing' is totally another to experiment with unknown realms and unexplored ideas...alone and unguided... inspired only by the call of seeing the dawn of possibilities  and the thrill of flirting with unpredictable and unconceivable experience :)


Pan said...

Acc to Hindu mystics, the tongue is the sense organ most difficult to control. I have seen this first hand with celibate sanyasins who can't help themselves from gorging themselves with food rich in ghee sugar etc... ;)Sindu, are you turning over a new spiritual leaf? ;)

Sindu said...

Pan, yes! :D I guess I am and I am enjoying it... :)

amudhan said...

"both are symbolic of objectification of the body, wherein you treat it like an accessory and fix it/ mould it." - really a great one. I have never thought in this angle. You have opened my gnana kann :)

Conditioning of the mind regarding food may be tough at the beginning, but trust me, it is easily doable. But controlling the mind is a legendary art, which is extremely difficult and needs a lot of practice and could only be achieved if you pursue spirituality.

Anyways, I wish you good luck to master your mind over food :) and you should let us know about the progress and the challenges you face with another post!

Sindu said...

That was my favourite line too...:)

Easily possible? Hmmm... I hope so. "you should let us know about the progress and the challenges you face with another post!" - There you go... you read my mind!

abhster said...

For some reason when you ask a person why " they eat when not hungry ? " , their reply is as same as the next " its the taste and flavour which makes the difference . " I dont see why a person should eat when not hungry . I know a lot of people who consider eating as a " waste of time " and would rather engorge in PS2 and PS3 games . And and all that " thin is in " is pure " SHIT " and " the beauty lies inward " stuff is just an excuse for being fat . The right answer is always " I consider my body beautiful even if no one else doesnt because it serves my needs of work and pleasure. " and no one ever gives that answer. This " thin is in " fashion was created by those ULTRA THIN women and I am sure you'd find that this " in " thing could change any minute . A person should always find a look that suits him and stick to because it has "personality respect " meaning its what describes you . Not some fad that changes every minute and person/persons who change along with it .

Sindu said...

My god abhishek... your English teacher would really be awed at your thoughts if she chose this topic for a debate in class. Atleast, right now, I am!

amudhan said...

@Abishek: Awed! I don't know what else I can say... Amazing thought!

Sindu said...

@ Amudhan: Seriously... can you imagine that abishek is only in seventh grade? Yet, such poise and clarity in thinking! I only wish his thought process is not squelched by our educational system. However, if he were to talk such stuff, he would be booed in class. 'Philosophy' is considered a 'soft' science and sissy, esp. by young boys. I can already visualize the boys rolling their eyes as such things are analyzed in a profound manner. Sad state!

abhster said...

@amudhan and sindu : Good God ! I never expected some small time like would stir a reply in the same blog ! thanks a lot ( really really appreciate it ). My english teacher says I think and talk too much.