Saturday, January 23, 2010

Experiments with self - III

( DISCLAIMER 1: This post, like the few that will follow shortly, is seriously WEIRD. If you are the kind who resists abnormal - sounding ideas, precautionary measures are advised .The author might at times seriously sound like a lunatic to you. Unfortunately, yours sincerely does think she always was one. )

( DISCLAIMER 2: Readers of this blog, if below 18 years of age, are not advised to attempt the contents of this post / series of posts that would follow on similar lines)

Think you really are not addicted to food? Try being without it for 24 hours. You will know. Fasting is said to be the ultimate panacea to break all improper connections you have with food. What is a water - only fast? It basically means you consume nothing but water for a certain period of time. Sounds like a suicide note? Well, No! The human body can survive for many weeks without food and non-believers are advised to google on the topic before posting comments. Is it healthy? Well, it is not unhealthy. But at the same time, it really is not necessary to go through such immense physical strain to cultivate more meaningful patterns of food consumption. So, why am I doing it? Well, because I have tried it before and understood that a implementation of a water-fast requires more than conscious effort. It requires great tolerence to physical difficulties. We, as a species, have always been prime-wired for finding ways to reduce difficulties and you will have never craved for food as much as during a water fast. The idea is, if you are able to control your temptations at this time, you will be able to control it at any other.

The following are recorded claims of water-fast proponents from various texts and testimonials

1. During a water fast, your system gets a rest that it has been denied for years...years of slogging to digest all the crap you dumped into it without neccessity. Therefore, there is a lot of cleansing and detoxification that happens during the fast.
2. Cleansing of the body drastically increases the body intelligence. This basically means that after a certain period of water fast, after a certain threshold point, on breaking the fast, you will find that you suddenly have formed new eating patterns. Certain foods that you liked before would suddenly taste disgusting to you. Also, you will not feel like eating more than what you really need. It is all involuntary.
3. There is also emotional detoxification that happens during the fast. Initially, there is a LOT of physical discomfort due to hunger and associated symptoms like headache, weakness, irritability etc. Yet, after crossing a certain level (Say 3-4 days), all these subside and you enter into a new realm of consciousness.
 4. It is said that on the 21st day of a water fast, you might even be able to see visions and have floating sensations and in general  , all your senses become extra sharp during a fast. Nothing is a greater spiritual ride than a water-fast.

Yes - interesting things the texts say. Yet, I have absolutely no expectations on how many days I will be able to be on the fast. I have fasted before and I have to mention that it is a bigger challenge than you can ever imagine. The second day, you are literally waging a losing war against your mind which just wont stop being restless. Couple extreme hunger with this. Really hard times. Inshallah!


abhster said...

body might last , but mind goes mad sooner or later

amudhan said...

" It is said that on the 21st day of a water fast, you might even be able to see visions and have floating sensations and in general , all your senses become extra sharp during a fast. Nothing is a greater spiritual ride than a water-fast." - It is nothing but, you have fallen unconscious and you are in the verge of dying and you can barely see/hear people crying and screaming which you are carried in a stretcher, and you can squint a flamboyantly ornamented big guy coming on a buffalo with a rope having a knot at the end of it :D

Don't ever try to go that extreme, please! I don't want to know that my favorite blogger went to coma state because she tried something called water-fasting :)

Sindu said...

@ Abhster and Amudhan: People!!! Come on... Dont be such skeptical non-believers!! :P