Friday, January 22, 2010

Is it just me?

Movies and you. Film - a powerful visual medium that conveys an idea through pictures and music. Yet, it is a very queer medium too, isn't it?

I like watching Vijay's movies. Now, for those who do not know what the sentence means, Vijay is one of the top heroes of Tamil cinema and if you want to relax and put your brains aside for sometime, you got to definitely watch his flicks. The plot would be so obnoxiously stupid that I find it hilarious, and I find the guy ridiculously amusing. His movies are the perfect example of the 'masala' entertainer genre which has no messages, no sensibility, no impact or no logic. Yet, I will not miss buying a ticket for it at an expensive theatre.

So here is the cache - I do not mind spending a lot and watching a commercial no-brainer in an expensive theatre with good effects, but I would hesitate to do the same for a movie which receives rave critical reviews. If it is a non-commercial, realistic movie, I would hesitate more.

Sounds lame? Here is the point  - Movies IMPACT me A LOT. One does have to agree that movie is a form of story-telling. So, you got to tell a story that sells. And for a story to sell, it got to be interesting. This is where you mix in elements of fantasy and a certain bit of 'feel-lucky' realism. Afterall, you would not pay to go and watch the same things that happen day after day in your household. And hence, the creatives of the industry feed inputs of interesting characterization and adventurous plots.  This is not all. Plot and characterization exists in novels as well. Yet, the screen has a bigger influence for two reasons:

1. The visual effects - Seeing sure IS believing. With the modern technology of multimedia and graphics/animation, life has never seemed more colourful and fascinating than on the big screen.
2. Music - A HUGE factor on creating impressions on the mind

With all these combined, for three hours , you are transported to another world - a world with amazing ( and good-looking) people, never-ending possibilities of action, idealistic romance, miracles and what not. Well, so far, good. I heartfully appreciate the artistic talents of all those involved in creating this world of dreams and magnificence. The rapport with the screen started right from the scenes of introduction, where you got involved with the character and the impact-graph took a steep rise with the adventures and challenges faced by these characters, taking you along on an adrenalin high and finally ended with a bang. The closing credits roll and the cinema hall is lighted again. The music has stopped now  and  you rise up and move out along with the 'mass', the only music around you now being the insynchronous dischord of ruffle and human noise. Now, this is the point where I seriously experience a big 'low',  a sudden disillusion, like a person inabruptly woken up from the middle of a dream without a warm-down. I feel a terrible sense of insignificance. Yes, INSIGNIFICANCE is the word. My life and my world suddenly feels very common and extremely lacking anything special. And this is the reason why I really am not a movie-buff. If it is a dumb movie, well, there is no impact in the first place and knowing every minute that what i am seeing in bull shit, there is no transportation to another world. (Hence, the vijay episodes ;D)

I was quite sure that I stood alone in this quality. Afterall, everyone seems to be devouring movies these days and talking about it. I reasoned that perhaps I was too prone to fantasy and hence get farther and more easily disconnected from the real world when watching a movie, thus experiencing a bigger drop from the fairy tale state. 
However, after reading this article, I derived some consolation. Perhaps this disconnection does occur in everyone, though with differing levels:

Yes, it sure did! If decent tamil flicks leave me feeling low, you can imagine the kind of impact that an amazingly created hollywood fantasy blockbuster would have done to me. The human mind....sigh!


abhster said...

A lot of people watch Kamal Hassan movies because they have a message and are complicated , but like you said , movies are supposed to be like books , an escape from reality , and serious movies dont do that ( although " unnai pol oruvan " was very entertaining and disturbing at the same time ) , but when you get absorbed into a movie and someone dies , you find yourself sobbing which is quite unnerving as it shows you're not as solid as a rock in emotional circumstances

Sindu said...

Very true Abhishek! I appreciate Directors who experiment and venture into artistic and realistic realms... Yet, I would prefer having only a limited dose of them

Anonymous said...

great to c vijay's fan...its hard to find one thz days....with the kind of movie he is acting in....i am a big fan of be frank i was....first day first show....anyway u r rite in a sense.....his movies dont have any sense or people who just wanna have fun forget everythng nd enjoy r his biggest fans.....i guess 50% of tamilnadu fall under tat category....nd his movies runs well in other countries as well....
every person has a different taste nd perception....i sometimes find it hard to watch a movie alone.....bcos i kind of get into t main character and start acting like him for t nxt few days....
I feel its t way t movie is being projected on screen....nd have to blame t critics to some extent.... for giving good reviews for even t worst of movies.....