Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You do it because..... that is the way you BELIEVE it has to be done!!

I really ran out of ideas on how to start this post. I have been thinking of a convincing beginning for the past two days, my fear NOT being that the content would not be impressive enough, but that the valuable wealth of new ideas may not reach cautious minds. There are certain notions that are extremely fixated in us. Though we have mere surface level knowledge about it, we defend these notions as though it was verified by some god-sent authority. Even the slightest challenge against these beliefs of ours would immediately put us into the warrior/debater mode of verbose argument.

For example, lets take the issue of coffee. You are used to having coffee everyday at 4 PM. This pattern has been existent for years. You probably got introduced to having coffee when young, since your parents drank it at tea time and you took a liking to it. Today, if you do not get your cup of coffee in the evening, you start feeling tired, restless and irritable. Now, is it justifiable to conclude that lack of getting energy from the coffee made you weak? If you said yes, then logically, shouldnt others who do not take coffee at all also start getting weaker around evening?

Scientists have actually thought along these lines and did an interesting experiment. To this so called coffee-addicted person, they gave another drink which did not have caffeine, yet tasted like coffee. So, if caffeine was his source of energy, he should have still felt weak right? No, the person got brisk and active again. This just means that.... - It was NOT the coffee that made you fresh but the belief that 'a cup of coffee is necessary to make me fresh' In psychology , they call it habitual conditioning.

How many such make-believe thoughts are we housing in our minds?

It is the heights of hypocrisy to talk in hushed whispers about celebrities in rehab or that next door neighbour who is addicted to drinking when we ourselves have so many silent compulsive self-destructive behaviours formed by habitual conditioning.  Starting today, I embark on an experiment with myself to explore one such habitually conditioned pattern of behaviour and how far I am able to transcend it. Am I the master of my mind or is it the other way round?


abhster said...

Its the routine which people get used to after a while and when something is out of place or goes amiss , then the particular person feels weak or panicky , but I suppose for those people who are used to having new things in life and not the usual routine arent affected by any change you find in life .

Sindu said...

True .. :) And i am really glad that you are able to read and appreciate such posts at this young age.. can see a lot of maturity building up there. Keep it up! :)