Saturday, February 13, 2010

Good old days

 Reading the note posted by my friend ( See the previous post) brings back a lot of memories. Like all Engineering Colleges located outside city limits, the college bus arrived at one's stop around 7 in the morning to begin a long eventless journey that lasted around 90 minutes. The entire process was tiring, no doubt, yet more than that, it was so mechanical. I felt like one of those trash bags picked from each household and all collectively dumped in one place, day in and day out. In the evenings, this process was more digestible, probably because the students were less sleepier or perhaps due to the joy that their day of education was over. Yet in the morning, the scene was one of mundane drudgery. Every single one of us would have a grim plastic expression with unfeeling eyes like one in a hypnosis session. One gets reminded of the robot in Small Wonders. The only interruptions seemed the unpleasant starters for boring conversations on where X went last evening and all the boring shit X saw.

 This was a plain horrible start for mornings to me. Hence, more often than not, I would intentionally miss the bus and take public transport. I dint want to be 'institutionalized'. I dint want to belong to one organization. In public transport, I felt liberated. I had a sense of freedom, individuality and grounding to the REAL world. I used to love it. Classmates were often bemused. For them, missing the college bus was a nightmare come true and would rather bunk college than slog their way in a bumpy congested ride with the mass. For me, it was heaven. I would message a smiley face to my friend, Anitha, only to learn that she was too, elsewhere, taking the MTC. Those were the good old days! :)


abhster said...

Fascinating . Feeling liberated must feel nice . The only reason I dont get bullied by the 10th graders is because I am a teacher's student . If you ask me , I'd rather be bullied ( and stand against the bullies ) than stand under my mom's shadow . Even teacher's say " People like abhishek krishnan have dignity . You can see that the way he sits and the way he talks , he comes from a good family . His mother is a teacher at our own english school for kindergarten ! " at which point I hide my face with the text book while others shoot looks of indignation at me . Every school I've been to for the past four years , my mom taught there as well . You have tons of friends who'd do anything for you . I've been an antagonist for a year because I refuse to help cheaters ( there are more cheaters in class than good people ) inspite of being a "cool-nerd . " I am glad you could experience normalcy even if I couldnt . So all I've got to say " Congratulations ! you're a liberated and normal person ! "

PS : A successful person is someone who has everything and everyone he wants in his/her life . If you take this as the defination of success , then trust when I say "you're an extremely successful person . " And I take that as the defination of success , then I am the most unsuccessful person you've met or ever will meet .

Sindu said...

Abhishek, though your comment seems a bit off-beat to the topic, thanks for posting. And as for you calling me successful, do I really have everyone and everything I want in life - phew! not the least! Far from being pessimistic here, I am being honest!

slayer said...

The topic 'good old days' clicks the rewind button .. gushes through all possible,random,weird(i see some goodness in weird happenings).. The minute i started reading the first line and got a gist of what the post is really about the '(g)olden' days flashes up ..

there were days i used to miss college bus and board myself in a stop which is directly opposite to me ..

i always had this thing in mind when i raise
'you get the bus - college
you miss it - satyam complex '..

if i get to the stop on time , i will have 2+ hour of sleep that day .. else, whole day entertainment ..

Those were real great days ..

mr.weirdo!! said...

i love travelling in bus :) i dont care it was our cllg bus or ptc ... my busmates would be fast asleep the minute the board the bus while i listen to music or watch movies and plan what shall i write about them :) but dont think am this formal timetable guy ... no no ... everything is random like d title of this webpage :)

Sindu said...

"...... and plan what shall I write about them" - Why do I have the srong thougth that the 'them' here refers to both the movies and your friends? Must take a peek into the mind of the guy who observes more than the rest with a sharpp eye.

mr.weirdo!! said...

you should read my stories and more importantly the credit part of it to know whom i write about :) the link is but to be honest i meant movies and music when i said them :)

bomzie said...