Saturday, February 13, 2010

Messy but not messed up!

What a coincidence... loved ones seem to be under the rule of similar thoughts at many points of time. So, here is something I loved reading , from one of my dearest friends, Anitha. I found the note on facebook and immediately took to it, as it was on similar lines to one of my main fixations of life and also my recent post. I thought I had to import it here, of course with full copyrights to her.

This one is for you Anitha. Yes, written by you yet posted on my blog as a sincere dedication to you and all the disorganized creative wrecks of the world like us. We rock!

Damn you! The Organized Society!! - By Anitha (Unabridged and Unedited)

May be if you Google on few proven steps to achieve success in life the best hits that you would likely find are:

1. Be Punctual

2. Plan your actions for a day, week, month, and year.

3. Make a check list and stick on to it no matter what.

4. Take consistent steps day after day and someday you will reach your goal and be a successful man.

Ah! Yes!! This would for sure make someone successful according to the norms of the society... He would be an individual respected by all, looked up as a living example of a perfect man that everyone wishes to be. But have you ever paused for a second to sit back and think, do these make an individual truly successful???

According to a survey, people were questioned on what success really meant. One person said that "Success is making loads of money." Another said that success is "Achieving your goals". Someone else said that success is "Fulfilling your potential". An interesting answer was that success is "Making others jealous". If this was success all about I would just summarize it as something that would help us lead a socially acceptable life.

Thinking back about this check list I have never been a part of the list above. I have always believed that time is a man made numerical system and life could be a lot better if we could live our lives without it. To me having patterns in life and following them is a herculean task that I have been striving hard to accomplish for the past 22 years, yet haven’t been successful at it yet. There have been atleast three days a week I would miss my college bus during my under graduation. Funny isn’t it? I would be cursed by my mom right when the day starts for being so disorganized with my life especially with my bro who would never miss his bus which was five minutes before mine.

These instances would make me feel so dejected of my life. But then finally I realized how special mine was. I would miss my bus almost the alternative days of a week and travel in public transport that would be overflowing with people. Each of them starting their day with anxiety, stress, and fear of all the unfinished work for the day expressed in their eyes. It gave me an opportunity to see, observe and understand people from every walk of life… The educated, taught class who would find a seat right next to someone of their clan talking about politics and share markets with the newspaper in hand, browsing through it briefly and sending scorching looks at the other extreme of the society, the vegetable vendors. These vendors would be back to work with their huge bag of their stuffs pushing through the crowd of people making space for their bags despite the fact that people hardly have enough space to breathe in there. The most interesting of them all are groups of people in the early 20s who would make sure they have space for themselves in the foot board no matter what! Their everyday ritual would be to preen themselves well, rush to catch the bus only after it started from the stop , find themselves a comfortable spot from where they could ogle at the other girls travelling with them fervently trying to catch the girl’s attention who would be conscious of the fact that she is being noticed , yet shying away the stares thrown out to her by our foot-board Romeos!! Amidst all of these, the conductor would maneuver through the crowd to collect the tickets from the people around, yet flirting away with his favorite regular passenger (vegetable vendor) in one of the few distinguished dialects of the language, ‘Tamil’ . One cannot help getting lost among the world of different people and different experiences they gave.

Yes! I wasn't organized to catch my bus on time that had push back seats, air-conditioner, seats for all, shut windows, other people of my age who were lost in their world listening to I Pods , melodious music in the background and every other comfort one could dream of!

But if I hadn't been what I am I would have missed all the real time experience and observation that I visualized in awe! If I hadn’t been disorganized I wouldn’t have believed in the wonders put forth by life the very next second and never felt lost experiencing them. May be if I had been a little more organized being crazy and relating to real life and its experiences would have never been a part of my check list. If I had not been me I would have never experienced the emotions of anxiety , stress, confusion , fear, love, affection and many other human emotions the way they were meant to be experienced by life and all of these would have be planned when and how to be experienced in my organizer.

It is not that people of my clan can never be successful; it is just that we measure success in a different perception. We are not perfect robots; we are just imperfect HUMANS. The four proven steps are not ingredients for leading a successful life; it’s just for leading an acceptable life. Successful life is not one that is lived to be accepted by all, it’s one that is lived to make one feel COMPLETE about him and his life lived! We just live it the way it should be, like there is no tomorrow :)


abhster said...

I never thought missing the bus could be so educational !!!! I know what it feels like when your parents call you " unorganized " because my parents are always telling me off for forgetting to switch off the light , or forgetting to charge my mobile battery . Why do you think you're unsuccessful ? trust me , being you is success 'cause you're liked by everyone , you're a teacher with a good reputation among students and teachers , you still get a dose of escape from reality , and you're happy . You've got more than a handful of people who'd pick you for " most cheerful person " , " most smiley " , " favourite teacher " , " best teacher ." If being you isnt success , then I am not what success is . You have everything : a successful career , a good degree , friends who love you , parents who're happy with you . These are the factors which made you perfect and your life perfect . I hope you understand from this comment that being you is being successful even if you arent aware of it .

Sindu said...

"You have everything : a successful career , a good degree , friends who love you , parents who're happy with you . These are the factors which made you perfect and your life perfect . I hope you understand from this comment that being you is being successful even if you arent aware of it " - LOL.LOL. :D

Sorry Abhi... no offence... but really I just feel like LOL

Sindu said...

Not for your comment - No - plz do not mistake me and feel bad for my reaction. It is just that, somethings make you want to give a weary laugh sighing sarcastically at life!

Gopinath said...

The word success has always been synonymous with money in society. But what about successful student? successful friend? successful teacher? successful mentor? etc etc guess the list is endless.

Sindu said...

Wowww... Hiiii...!!! I dint expect to find you here..what a pleasant surprise! :) :)

And as for your perspective.. yes! every role has a certain projection of what success is...factors which the society defines. Yet, I feel real success in any role is the satisfaction and joy you feel at the end of the day!

Gopinath said...

When Roger Federer won Wimbledon, billion people could see his joy and satisfaction in his face live. Is it beacuse he is most successful athlete in winning the prestigious tournament or because of the fat prize cheque?

Sindu said...

Fat prize checqu? Na.. I dont think money would matter to him any longer. It must be the knowledge that he is still the best and has been unconquered that brought the joy..!

Akshu said...

@abhishek : even my parents scold at me for the same reason :)
@sinduja : such a lovely post, it makes A LOT of sense !!!!