Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World! :D

 Life is a boring business, really and I, for one, am a huge sucker for anything Esoteric, New-age or Paranormal.  Spot anything on the likes of Metaphysics, Religion, Alternative Medicine etc. and I flock towards it with glee . It is quite a dark secret, for not many look approvingly on such 'passions' and I seldom talk about these obsessions of mine unless I feel like attracting some condescending stares. (Never mind, it is not quite a secret now... we all need to let the cat out at some point! :P ) Yes, when in Rome, it definitely helps only to be Roman. Not that I am propogandizing legalization of illegal marijuana to have anything to be ashamed of. Yet, you could always be sure of a more genuinely fascinated audience if you were say, a huge fan of Classic Movies or Beethoven or Astrophysics. Yet, if you want to discuss about the Altered state of consciousness induced by lucid dreaming, you still need to break a lot of barriers of resistance in the minds of people to switch them from the attitude of "What-kind-of-a-lunatic-concept-is-this?"  to "Oh-I-cant-wait-to-know-more-about-it". Prejudiced conditionings are hard to break. It is the same kind of conditioning wherein if you hear that X is a saint in Haridwar, you immediately imagine X with a long white beard, semi-clothed in saffron attire, shabby hair and spending months with eyes closed with snow capped mountains as background. Or when you hear that Y is an Psychic you probably imagine her with a long skirt, bandanna, heavily kohl-smeared eyes,  dancing around a crystal ball. Few realize that both could be a normal people, walking around in normal clothes, doing normal things everyday like you and I do.


(Stop your visual patterns... they dont always look this way!)

There is a lot of intelligent meaningful science even in the 'bizarre' and spirituality should be started to be explored in an open-minded manner rather than with mental blockages and rolling eyes that seem to suggest a person of over-the-age-maturity, ignorance, craziness, lack of fun or brooding seriousness. Choice of attire and appearence is at an individual's discretion and not everyone who dons the ascetic look is really spiritual. In the same way, not everyone who gravitate towards paranormal science feel the need to stand out by weird trademarks.  More often than not, you would never know them - it could be the dhobi at the street corner,  the businessman you go walking with everyday or even your sixth grader niece.

The change in attitude would definitely take time. Yet, until then, I shall be satisfied in always being one of the few who spend long periods of time at corners of well hidden bookshelves, browsing avidly though titles on Herbalism, Reiki, Chakras, Sufism and the like... :)


mr.weirdo!! said...

2 topics in 1 .. though u tried to marry them nicely i felt they could have been discussed at length - mainly because i am a kind of "go glee" fellow and i dont care what ppl think about my attire. so while u wrote the last part in the perspective of the 3rd person am being in the 1st person place dont mind much :D .. i hope that wasn't harsh

Sindu said...

Hmmm.. You are right. Guess I have this problem with straying onto too many things at once. Interest in the paranormal, saints, clothing preferences, prejudice... my god, too many topics. Thank you for the comment anyway :)

mr.weirdo!! said...

no no ... its perfectly fine to have multiple thoughts ... but i love multiple thoughts when they r shown as parallel thoughts & not as a stack of cards one above d other :) i hope u can get wat am trying to say ... but i think am getting very much into ur style of writing and requesting u 2 write something to suit my taste ... lol. dont do that :) be complex in ur own sweet way :)

abhster said...

These attires which you speak off , are perhaps like you said not spiritual . They're usually official uniforms , or just " bling " which young people ( from the age of 13 to 19 )have taken to becaues it " looks good " according to other people . There's nothing spiritual about them . The time in which people had a belief in paranormal activity has gone . 2 reasons why -
1)They've either lost their religious belief when they stopped going to church , and along with , they have lost their belief in paranormal activity and " spirits " as they are called these days .
2) These people have a " scientific " approach to it . They believe in everything thats written down on paper , or any other knowledge-collective material .

Our " visual patterns " as you call them are due to the influence of television and movies . Another example for it , is one of a rapper or a hip-hop artist . When we say " hip-hop artist " the listener immediately pictures a black man wearing a T-Shirt 2 sizes bigger than required with red trousers , chains , and shades or sunglasses . Little do we think that a hip-hop artist could be dressed normally like anyone . Eg:- Timbaland always dons a dark cotton jacket with a black shirt and jeans while Jay Sean wears tailor-made suits .

Have you ever noticed the most interesting books are always hidden in the top of bookshelves or the shelves that are at the corner or someone where nobody usually goes .

Your " flocking " towards metaphysics , religion , alternative medicine is perhaps something you're fascinated by and you'd rush towards it when there's a sign of the prescence of any of the above .

although it did take a few times of reading to understand what you've said , anybody can tell from the first time of reading you've put a lot of thought on this post and as Mr.Wierdo seems to have already said , you've combined two topics together and formed one . Really nicely done . Most people take the fun out of discussion of similar topics , but you've drawn people to it with the photos and the " attire " matter . Really nicely done . Enjoyed reading it . :D

abhster said...

@Mr.Wierdo: You're only partly right actually . You were right when you said she could've elaborated on each topic , but you have to admit that the whole thing was written quite well and it has a certain balance . A topic such as this is similar to a luxury coupe which is divided into 4 quarters . The weight must distributed to all quarters other wise the car would be unbalanced and wouldnt run as smooth as expected . In this case , the quarters are the paranormal , dressing preferences , saints , prejudice . Sindu's written everything in a balanced way giving equal importance and mention to all 4 topics . Thats what made the post so good inspite of the mixture of different subjects and I guess thats why I should be sorry to say you're partly correct .

PS: Please dont take this the wrong way , I was just stating the facts .

mr.weirdo!! said...

@abhster: i wasn't going into her skill at all ... i started by saying "though u had married it well i could take in only d 1st half" coz tht topic is wat i care and not the 2nd coz of my taste n preference (or the lack of that in the said :D ).

CHIBI said...

Interesting post ! i've always believed people who are deliberately in such weird costumes are just fakes, selling the trade for money. the ones who actually do know the science of astrology, medium and psychic powers do not sell their skills. rather use it with great responsibility.

btw.. am also very interested in sciences of astrology,occult science and paranormal activities.. so i am interested to see a deeper post with more thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I cnt find an explanation frm ur title ?????

Sindu said...

@Anonymous: Good question and I am glad you brought it up. 'Madness' is a very relative term. To the so called lunatics in mental asylums, we 'normal' people would perhaps seem mad. None can define normalcy.

Yet, in general, paranormal indulgement is looked upon as a bit of straying away from normalcy. If that is indeed true, then I am a mad woman but I love this mad world. A bit far fledged , true :)...yet, sounded good.

abhster said...

@sindu : a " qualified " person would call you " mad " or " crazy " when he considers the fact that you took the biotechnology course and then went to teaching , and then ( rumours say ) journalism , but only an understanding person can see sense in the " my heart isnt in it " situation . Normalcy these days isnt whats normal , but what people are used to . People are used to alqaeda blowing sutff up and the indian government stealing money from the budget , and hence its called normal . If I turned up on your doorstep dressed in a pink jacket with yellow shows and a mauve shirt with green jeans , you wouldnt consider it normal and I'd be called " daft " and "crazy" . If I dress " normally " which means something that everybody usually wears and hence , that makes me " normal" then I'd be considered "human." Five years ago , normal would've been whats the right thing , today " normal " means what people are used to . Funny how people think isnt it ?

The Visitor said...

I can't stop being amazed by your posts. This one has several elements that make it fantastic -

- the idea behind the post was well conceived and dealt with in a systematic way. I can just add Amen.

- the comments on this post were great. The comments by abhster were brilliant.
@abhster guruji - where are your feet, I am forever your shishya. I don't know how, but there was a suggestion somewhere that indicated that abhster is just in school. Looking at the maturity in the above comments, I feel that is IMPOSSIBLE. Only abhster can clarify.

Keep writing and visit that web of a mind of yours to retrieve some gem, polish it and display it to us readers.

Sindu said...

Thank you for the comment.

And yes. Abhster aka Abhiskek Krishnan is just 14. :) Unassuming to look at but a true profound thinker in the making!