Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Little wonders

 It was one of those mornings when I really did not feel like getting out of bed. Of late, I think I have been infested with 'sleeping sickness' , the symptoms of which seem to take an extreme form in the early mornings that I really dont feel like starting off for work.  That reminds me...

(A conversation in the bus on the way to work)
 Me: So... you were absent yesterday!
Co-worker X: Yes... I really had to stay at home for helping .................. (She says a very genuine reason)
Me: Ohh..okk. Good that you did.
Co-worker X: This is the first day-off I am taking in 16 years
Me: What? (In mind: Whaaaaaaaaaaaattttttt??? $%^%$%@#@?!! R u serious lady?? )
Co-worker X: (Giving a smile of self-satisfaction) : Yes. What about you... it has just been 6 months since you came right. And how many days have you been on leave?
Me: Ummm.. 6! (Trying hard not to look like a shameless specimen of nature)

Actually it would have been more than 6, had it not been for the subtle hint given by my supervisor that the Principal 'enquired' why I was taking so many days off! (So many? Come onn dude!... it is just an average of 1 day a month. I was actually starting to feel proud of my workaholism!)

So ever since that subtle hint given in a not -subtle -manner, I have been pushing back all echoes of any voice in the head that yells "Get Absent!"

So coming back to the story, it was examination day and I was given invigilation for grade 4. I dint mind but least expected the bright class to finish a 2 hr paper in 45 minutes. Gr8! Time to don on the role of a shepherd , I thought. Yet, they had a surprise awaiting in store here too. What in the world is possible to do after the end of writing an exam and with the answer sheet still with you? In higher grades, they would put their head down and doze off or sit and stare back with a bored-to-death expression, leaving me wondering if it was me or the paper that they were bored of looking at. Yet, these young wonders, dint sit idle for a minute and till the last minute kept themselves busy. I was startled. Who wld have thought one could think of trying these things, given the limited stationery they had?
 I, for one, suddenly became a photojournalist in action capturing the moments with my soon-to-expire mobile phone.

The last one was one boy's creative attempt at creating his own comic strip. None of these were prompted by me and the children themselves had no idea that I would be clicking a snap of it, until they had finished. Not that these are extraordinary talent displays of prodigies. Many of us would have come up with better stuff when we were young kids. This post is more of an ode to that restless artisitic energetic young spirit that seeks out new things to explore and do every minute.  

It is amazing how kids always find something or the other to engage themselves and never feel bored. Their curiosity and love for life is definitely contagious and perhaps a reason why adults are always enchanted by them. They remind us of things we lost long back (shut within perhaps). Coming out of that class and back into the staffroom was a striking realization of how badly we have messed up something within us. I was immediately surrounded by complaints, grumblings, whinings of work load and new projects coming up. Of course, usually I am a part of it too.

You work more - you get more exhausted. More work = more tiredness. Right? This was the way the equation always was. Yet, perhaps we got it wrong somewhere. More energy spent neednt always mean less energy left. Is it possible that the more we engage ourselves in things, the more replenished we could get? These kids seem a good example of it. One cld always argue that as one gets older, the physical energy reserves go down. Yet, for the most part, I think we grossly underestimate the amount of stuff we r capable of doing. Is it the mind then that matters after all? When was the last time we worked with interest and enthusiasm? Definitely at a point, where you never realized the time going by. Yet, so long back.

  In my stint at teaching, I definitely learnt more than what I taught. That day was one another. Perhaps it is time I looked at the things around me in a new light. How cld I make the job I have, more interesting? How could I make life more innovative with the resources I have got with me? It certainly was tough ... yet, these days, I look at the clock less often!


mr.weirdo!! said...

I def cant do it now itself ... but about the involvement part - its the age old saying rite? love your job / love wat ever you do. make it interesting as possible. if only v bring something of ourself into the thing v do can we be engaged cent percent and that is time v come out wid pioneering ideas. On a diff note we should also search for ans we dono, things we are not confident in to get that concept into us in a form we call it our style. i think that is what we do by studying and that is exactly how theoritical study be done IMO.

abhster said...

Nice one . Its funny how clear the photos you took from your mobile camera are .

The reason why people asked you where you were was because they noticed your abscence . You take our chemistry teacher for example . She was absent for a day , and nobody missed her .

Work is dull , but that can change if you try to change the way you look at it ( Easy to say , impossible to do ) .

PS : You should check this out : http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/comment/columnists/jeremy_clarkson/article727622.ece

. He's one of my favourite writers ..... you might like this article too

Sindu said...

@Mr.weirdo: 'I think that is what we do by studying and that is exactly how theoritical study be done IMO.' - I dint get that part

Sindu said...

@abhster: The principal n supi missed me? :) I wld sure like to think so.. but you as usual made my day with ur comment.
Thnx for the link. Will surely look into it

Pan said...

if we could keep doing the things we love we would be like those kids milking life to the maximum ! :) im really amazed at their creativity ! u r one lucky teacher :)

mr.weirdo!! said...

we slog over books with lot of hatred. lets say u want to learn the finer details of painting - you may have great interest and forget yourself while painting but some techniques need to be LEARNT, u sometimes have to learn it in the way you study a subject and not imbibe it. sometimes you have to take pain to know something and things cant come easily to you. what i wanted to tell is if v respect hard work and also understand that hard work doesn't its not ur dream. this is kinda 1 dimensional .. but its always good to set things rite. as ppl get this idea often that if v r able to go abt thing easily thats wat v should do.

Sindu said...

@ Pan: I am sure you are milking life to the maximum! :) Though it might get lonely at times as you mentioned.

@ Mr.Weirdo: Very good point! It is very true that any field requires certain theoretical aspects to be learnt. Many want to skip that part though.

thunderemperor said...

Best article that you have written in some time. looks like you are enjoying your job a lot.

mr.weirdo!! said...

@sindu & @abhster: that guy hosts Top gear programme in BBC. very witty his words r wid std british dry humour.

Sindu said...

@thunderemperor: Thnk you.. :) n yes, I am really enjoying a lot of things abt the job. Though I always feel there is a lot more to do to really do justice in living the part of a teacher...

mr.weirdo!! said...

@Sindu: not keeping myself from popping in - dont u think v all r playing the part of lets get something for us, outta what work we do. r v really dedicated to improving the standard of the work? all the resume has two lines called objective which highlights we ll be this and that for the company/work we do. but the reality check is v r only obsorbing something from them ... lol now am completely suporting those feudalist

CHIBI said...

Last weekend I had this very interesting conversation about living a happy life with a 7 yr old kid, unimaginably brilliant. that kid explained things with appropriate examples from his day to day life. It was an awe moment for me with that kid. this post is exactly the same i felt about that kid. really kids are enchanting !

thunderemperor said...

But u can never really do justice to the role of a teacher........but then what do u want to achieve?

Sindu said...

@ Chibi : Yes...they really are! :) and I guess we were that enchanting once upon a time too... oh probably you think we still r ;)

@Thunderemperor: I dint understand ur question. what I wanted to achieve as a teacher? Well... a lot of perspectives go into that one. Ironically, I was just thinking of a post along that line.

CHIBI said...

@ sindu : Yes, I think we still are as enchanting as kids, but we are afraid to show it out, since we now care about "the others". you never want to be the stupid one amongst a group of people.

am sure everyone of us, have this childish behavior at least when we are alone. I do have it in me for sure. How about you ?

Sindu said...

@Chibi: Hmmm.. good one. More so that we have forgotten that we are still enchanting I would say.
Childish behaviour... makes me smile thinking about it :) yess! I will definitely be in your club.

Akashaya said...
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Akashaya said...

Even i used u do all these things when i was in 7th, 6th and 5th (I used to build castles with color pencils and decorate greeting cards with sharpener shavings, after the exams) Now, i don't even have time to complete my paper within the time given :(
any way nice post!!
and lovely pictures...they are very clear !!!!

Sindu said...


Sweetie.. in the 7th grade too?? lol... (Though i can understand why u've inserted the 5th grade after some thought..hehee)

But well, knowing you, i think i can say with confidence tht compared to many others, u still have a lot of youthful energy still in you and tht is just awesome! :)

CHIBI said...

@ sindu : we haven't forgotten that we are enchanting, its just that we refuse to accept it.for ex. I still would love to eat ice cream dripping all over my hand and licking the last drop from my hand, if i am doing it now,am clumsy. if it was abt 20 yrs ago, it was cute. I don't want to be called clumsy. hence i refrain from doing so. but still am clumsy, no matter what !

Akshu said...

ohh !!! ma'am seriously, i'm out of words, u know i used to wonder if u will reply to my messages, but then...omg !!!!
this is like...i'm soooo HAPPY !!!!
Thank u sooooooo much ma'am !!!!!!!!
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Sindu said...

:D Lol... now tht wld be one of my favourite comments in this blog! :)

Akshu said...

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) ma'am i'm going crazy in happiness now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anitha said...

Hey this is the best post in your blog de!! I felt I could listen your heart out through this post!! Enjoyed reading it :)

siddharth said...

First of all - superb camera!:)
Secondly, you really are lucky that you got to teach a bunch of kids with brilliant creativity.. and if u're thinking "Sigh! i wish we could do the same".. i say why not..its not so difficult, forget about the past.. just bring out the kid in you!:)

Has to be one of your best posts.. Nice!

Sindu said...

Thank you so much! gr8 kids indeed and gr8 wrds frm u too!

thunderemperor said...

Dear teach,

Has it ever crossed ur mind that I could be one of ur students?

Sindu said...

No... :) it never did

The Visitor said...

One thing I like while visiting your blog: your set of commentors - they always add to your posts.

mr.weirdo - insightful comments, which need to probed a bit to get their import. If only he wrote more clearly (dispense with SMSese), it'd be a real pleasure to read him.

abhster: :) His comments always bring a smile.

CHIBI - I like his comments for being direct and simple in expression.

Siddharth - appreciative. Adds anything more only when he has something to say.

thunderemperor :) Laconic, smile-inducing.

Akshaya - endearing and childlike in expression. :)
(See how thrilled she was that you replied to her comment).

I see that Pan has commented on this post - I've seen Pan on another blog and I've also visited his blog.

I hope to keep in touch.

PS: You would make a wonderful teacher (among other things).

Sindu said...

True. I am glad to be having an excellent bunch of friends who have remained loyal commentators, each brilliant in his own way.

It really is an amazing gesture on your part to have made each of them feel good about it. Thank you! :)

The Visitor said...

I've always agonized while choosing between 'commentor' vs 'commentator' when referring to those who comment; I see that you've gone with commentator.

Sindu said...

Yes, I've gone with 'commentator' and hence established the fact that I need to revise my language skills.

Commenter is the right term, I believe. Commentor does not exist. While commentator is really a horrible way to express.


Guess we wont forget this lesson for long.

The Visitor said...

See this exchange of views on commenter vs commentator.
I quote from this site:
[Quote] All that being said, there is no question that morphologically, "commenter" makes perfect sense. A killer is someone who kills, a driver is someone who drives, and a commenter is someone who comments. The "-er" is a so-called agent noun suffix, and it is very common in English.

On the other hand, the agent noun suffix "-or", while it does exist, is not common at all.

Peerless said...

Just wanted to check a random post in your blog and woot I got this.

Terribly beautiful... I had just left a comment which can be related to this in my blog. Creativity has to be identified early and nurtured.

Learnt more than what you have taught. Looking at from kids perspective they would have got life terms wisdom from you[I still remember my primary school teachers for the knowledge and care they have given to me.] So this is a WIN-WIN cycle. If only all business of life could be like this conflict could be evaded and life can be peaceful.

I love kids and this post made me feel good. I wont be looking at the clock until the kid in me rests:)

Sinduja said...

I am so glad you got this post as a 'random' post, Deepak! There are some horrible others! :D

And yes, more so because I do understand you love kids. I think I remember I read a post not so long ago where you wrote about a young girl at Toastmasters. The manner in which you wrote it did speak of your fascination.

And yes, we were just having a discussion on similar lines, isn't it? :) Thank you for bringing this forgotten post back to my mindand with it, so many more memories! :)