Thursday, April 8, 2010

A query for the men

I am wondering this, since most of the movies seems to follow this formula.

Knowing that a majority of my regular blog readers are male, I seriously have a question. Is is possible that you see a girl just once in some public place and she starts to be in your mind in a very serious manner for a long time??  I mention public place because perhaps, if it is your college or office or neighbourhood, wherein your mind knows that there is a possibility of seeing her again, you would probably get some interest of a higher degree. Yet, what about shopping centres, bus stands, exhibitions, on the road etc. etc? Definitely one does look if some pretty lady walks by... but that is more of a spontaneous conditioning. You are not really thinking anything. Or perhaps if something about her is strinking, like her dressing, walking etc., you would notice that in particular and think something. Yet, will you like get serious interest on some woman just by seeing her once in some public place knowing nothing about her. That is keep thinking of her for some days and feel like you are in love or something???
I am guessing not because definitely these days, in general, women pay a lot more attention to grooming themselves and it is not uncommon to frequently spot good-looking women. Perhaps, if you do see someone extraordinarily striking, you might think of her a couple of times after that. Again, just think. Will emotions actually surge for such a chance meeting that lasted for just a couple of minutes?? Has it happened to you or your friends?


abhster said...

Lol . This did happen to me once , but I completely forgot about her after seeing the car she got into : a grand silver aston martin convertible with the softop roof down .

Second thoughts ??? nope . Not really . My friend did once see Priyamani at the airport and he freaked out . I usually dont give second thoughts to someone unless she is famous/drives a sportscar .

mr.weirdo!! said...

nah .. never believed in love at 1st sight ... never happened either (okay that might sound like an oxymoron but its not - sometimes things can happen to you and yet you dont believe in it - like i ll neglect there is a unknown force binding me to the earth unless i had heard of the topic called gravity) okay lets not deviate ... love at 1st sight according to me is near impossible ... because love as it is something that is not 1 time occur it should happen again and again to sustain - u should fall in love frequently or else it ll become a duty ... if you are swept over by a girl's beauty then it can give a start thats all ... nothing more than a start

CHIBI said...

well.. If i find anyone attractive or striking and she creates a bit of interest in me, i'd go talk to her, be friends.. know her. I can't just fall in love for looks.. I need to fall for the person for what she is.. not for how she looks..!

Although i have seen instances with my friends, where love at first sight actually worked ( of course, it was mutual attraction )

i had a situation here, where one of my friends, actually fell in love with a girl just after seeing her pic in Facebook.. it didnt end well.

ThunderEmperor said...

It once happened to me.
There was this beautiful, left handed girl who used to write slowly.
ps..she had a sister who went to nepal

It was just like watching the reflection of the moon in the water..u knew it existed..but you could never reach it

enter : 'lazy think tank' said...

ahhh...and i thought 'men' were a paradox... :) so this is their real side :) kudos!

Arun Ramachandran said...

Well, it happens. When some strikingly beautiful gal comes our way, we think of them for quite some time. We actually long if something might bring us together in life. This doesnt happen always - happens very rarely. The mind doesnt long for all beautiful gals they see :)

Harish said...

Well anyone who is sane enough will know that nothing good can come from that ! As you say, most guys will think about her probably for a couple of times, and maybe think "Wouldn't it be great if she were my girlfriend/wife", but I don't think anyone will get serious !

The Visitor said...


You ask questions and then you don't reply! I don't understand.

Going by what you write I had the impression that you usually respond to comments. I'm quite disappointed. :|