Monday, July 5, 2010

The Rose Plant (Part II)

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"Why do you come here everyday?" she asked?

"I...I love to look at the school...students..." Nitin said with difficulty.

"Oh!" she said. "Ok, Could we be friends?"

Nitin could not believe his ears. The words came like a long-awaited shower on a parched land. He nodded with a shy smile.

From that day, life seemed different for Nithin. Every day, he would wait for the clock to strike three. Every day, Sheetal would tell stories of her school and he would tell her of his dreams of joining a school. He also told her of how, as a baby, he was abandoned near the restaurant and how Lal took him as a free worker in return for food and shelter.

"I work as a waiter the whole day, and in the evenings, I work as a servant in Mr.Lal's house", he confided with tears to Sheetal.

One day, Sheetal gave him a painting she had done. It portrayed a rose plant surrounded by weeds and garbage."Something beautiful may be in dirty surroundings but it doesn’t lose its true beauty and value," she said. "Keep it with you in my memory."

The next day, Nitin did not see Sheetal near the school. And the next. Days passed and Nitin began to wonder what the matter was with Sheetal. He did not know whom to ask. One day when Nitin was busy at work, a couple entered the restaurant. They went to Lal's office. They seemed to be be there for a long time. As Nitin was cleaning the tables, Lal sent for him. Nitin wondered what wrong he had done and hoped that he would not be thrown out.

He entered Lal's room dreading what was to come. Lal looked up at him thoughtfully. "Your miserable days are ove, Nitin", he said in an unusually gentle voice. "Your life is about to change... for the better." Nitin was confused. He looked at the couple who were looking at him with kind eyes. The lady smiled at him, but there were tears in her eyes.

"We are Sheetal's parents," said the man.

"Er... where is sh ... Sheetal?" asked Nitin, gathering all his courage.

There was a long silence. The woman finally said, "She is no more." There was again a long silence. "She had brain tumor" said the woman. "She was a girl of strong determination and lived her life to the fullest. She did not want anyone to know about her ailment. Her end came suddenly. We hoped she would live a little longer ... and it was you who made her last days happy. Her last wish was that we should bring you up as our own son in her place. "

Nitin stared at the couple, shocked by the sudden news.”We would like to take you home," said Sheetal's father. "Will you please come with us?"

"Go son," said Lal. "And don’t forget me when you make it big in life."

Two drops of tears escaped Nitin's eyes. God had at last heard his prayers. One moment he was an orphan struggling for a living and another moment, he had a home and parents!


"Sheetal! I have been calling you for so long. What is keeping you so busy?"

"I will be right there Dad!"

Nitin watched with an amused expression as his daughter, Sheetal slowly prowled into the room trying to keep a serious expression on her face that somehow looked very funny instead. Yes, there had been no turning back in life, ever since ‘that’ day. He had worked hard and was now a successful civil engineer. He led a life filled with joy, comforts and most importantly, lot of love.

“What is that in your hand?”

“Have a look Dad! It is for you…hope you like it”, said Sheetal, beaming, handing something to him.

It was a sketch of a rose plant … in a beautiful garden.

(P.S – The illustration was provided by the in-house team of the magazine and reiterated strongly that pictures do indeed speak a thousand words. Wow, Nitin did look handsome!! ;))


mr.weirdo!! said...

rossaa poo chinna rossaa po :D sentimenta touch pannite :P

gags apart nice knot ... so Nitin is unchanged is it?

siddharth said...

Just when i was toying with the idea of writing a story and posting it on my blog comes this..
n i've given up even before i can get started! ;)

Brilliantly written Sindu.. Reminiscent of those short stories we used to relish when we were kids..

The beauty of the story lies.. as the philips saying goes.. in its Sense and Simplicity!

Great work.. keep them coming!

abhster said...

" clap clap clap clap clap clap "

:) really interesting . Something quite intrigueing to the entire thing .

Extraordinary , how this beautiful peice of literature was done by someone 15 years of age :D .

amudhan said...

Very Good! The Rose Plant surrounded by weeds and garbage & The Rose Plant in a nice garden - nice touch... I didn't understand the reason for the title when I read the first part... now I understand.

Yes, the picture is very good and portrays Nitin's misery and pain...

CHIBI said...

Nice story ! i liked the role of the rose plant in the story.. sheetal (girl n his daughter)not only changes nithin's life but also the sketch for good. again needless, to say you have very good writing skills as a story teller too.

CHIBI said...

Nice story..! aptly named for the role, the rose plant plays in this story.. i liked the end where the other sheetal changes the painting to signify the complete change of his life.. thoughtful.

and needless to say, very well written, i guess this story was written about 7-8 yrs back. wonderful then, and excellent now..!

Sindu said...

@Mr.Weirdo: Lol..I knooww!! looks like I had been been watching too many tamil movies at that point of time.
Nithin unchanged? In case you were expecting Nithin to have become a brutal paedophile to take his revenge on all the injustice the world did to him, No! sorry... it certainly dint occur to me to distory my 'angelic' characters ;)

Sindu said...

@Siddharth: Thank you so much!! :)

Sindu said...

@ Abhster: intriguing? Hmmm... and yeah, i knew the '15 yrs old' thing would be put across by :)

Sindu said...

@Amudhan: Lol, slighta frm your comment, why do I get the feeling tht u really dint like it that well? :D
Anyways, thnks a lot.

Sindu said...

@Chibi: Thanks a ton!

mr.weirdo!! said...

no i see the rose reference as Nitin. he was in hell when the rose surrounded by bush was given to him by that girl. now he seems to be doing great when the rose in a garden pic is given to him.

mr.weirdo!! said...

but why did u mention pedophile here?? :O
i see a dark side to ur mind here ;) lol

abhster said...

lot of interesting comments :D

anitha said...

wonderful story!! brings out the goodness in the readers mind and makes them live the child's life for a while!

C.V.Varun said...

OMG!! That was really a touching story, beautifully written, if no one else, atleast I think you are in the right field. I wish you success in your life, and please be in touch. So nice knowing you.....

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