Saturday, December 25, 2010

Words of Gold

Words carry energy...Words carry sound.

Some words carry noise; You feel restless, disturbed and agitated for hours after reading them.

Some words carry music;  You feel cheerful, positive and joyous for hours after reading them.

However, few words carry silence; you feel love and you are love after reading them.


This post is dedicated to some truly wonderful books that I was lucky to have come across. They have inspired, they have soothed and most importantly, they have made me realize. They say, you dont choose books but books choose you. Well, I feel honoured! My heartfelt Thanks to the spirit of all the minds that live through their words.


abhishek said...

When you come across two books , and you have to choose between the two , You pick one up , you read it , and you wonder " What would've happened if I'd chosen the other book ? "

Good books create a rise of flame right in your heart , and a strong desire to know what comes next in your mind .

amudhan said...

I am pretty sure you are taking about spirituality or yogic books. You could also mention the books which chose you so that others will have a chance to read them...

abhishek said...
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