Friday, February 18, 2011

Why Lie Through Your Teeth?

 I am disappointed. Just when I finish watching 'Siruthai' and think that nothing could have me more disappointed for at least another couple of days, I come across movie review websites that get my spirits totally down the drain. If this is the quality of content that is going to be put up in the name of 'film criticism', then I wonder if the voice of reason will ever see the light of day again. 

 Siruthai, to me, was plain appalling. Yet, what does one get on typing 'Siruthai Movie Review' over Google - dozens and dozens of sites that call it a commercial film worth the money spent. If money spent over a movie like Siruthai is worth it, then yes, I feel all light and warm over the 3K Adidas shoes that I carelessly lost last weekend.

 What more,the few slightly conscientious critics who were bold enough to insert phrases such as 'weak screenplay' and 'ridiculous plot' between the otherwise sing praise review, had to contend with vile attacks on their intellect and review skills from 'offended' fans. Seriously, who are you people and where are you from? Are you paid PR s?

 You need not have gone to college, you need not have read a lot of books, you need not know world cinema, you need not even have watched a lot of movies; but if you have the basic cognitive skill set of a normally developed and functional mind, you will not stand up for movies like Siruthai.

 I understand you need escapism. I need it too. In fact, I detest movies that weigh down heavily on me and have me disturbed for days. Does that mean we tolerate movies that deliver a 5-year old's sense of logic?

 I understand you love Karthik. I love him too. He has got remarkable acting skills and is frankly the only factor that has pulled the movie out of the 'worst movies of the year' list. Yet, does that mean we fool ourselves to believe every script he chooses is winning material?

 A group of fiery thugs. They spread destruction and havoc wherever they go. They are literally death spelled in red. They even manage to kill the bravest man who ever stood up to them; a man known for this strength and prowess; a cop and most importantly, the hero. They shoot him like a dog amidst hundreds. They are the symbolization of DANGER.

 Comes in a city pick-pocket. All he knows is to make a rhythmic beat with his hands - jhumka la tha tha tha, jhumka la tha tha tha. His greatest skill is in pinching Tamanna's hip. What feat does this man do?

 Within 20 minutes, he outwits the villains with pranks that even seven-year olds wouldnt fall for. Within 20 minutes, he makes clowns and jokers of these blood sucking rowdies. Within 20 minutes, he fools and kills men who were on a violent rampage for the first 120 minutes.

 It is okay for directors to make such movies. What is not okay is we endorse them. I agree that taste differs with person. Not everyone likes or hates a movie. Yet, the least you could do is not lie through the teeth on the brilliance of sub-standard scripts.

 That is the tribute we pay to all the good movies that were made. It is the path we could pave for all the good movies that could be made. It is the best support we could give to guide our favorite actors to choose better films and lastly, it is the homage we show to a powerful institution such as film.


mr.weirdo!! said...

some1 has started writing abt films often. well done competitor :) thank goodness due to lack of time i didnt watch this movie! :)

CHIBI said...

There was a time, when tamil magazines stood up to bad movies and appreciated good movies, infact ananda vikatan was the best at it, giving scores like an exam answer sheet.

I still remember, their one word review for the shankar's movie "boys".. stating just a big "chee". which was quite daring for a big directors movie, even though i don't agree with the review.

Even writer madhan's review used to be straight forward and to point in another magazine. however, it is unfortunate, that i don't know their current situation, if they still do the same or changed like you have written.

however, websites that review tamil movies are basically paid for by the film's producers to write a decent review, hence film review in india nowadays has become another promotional strategy for big production houses...

sadly, movie websites cannot be trusted.. It's from Bloggers that the real critic is presented.

CHIBI said...

and on siruthai.. After watchin it, I personally feel Tamil directors should be banned from remaking Telegu movies from now, to save tamil cinema from the illogical insanity of telegu movies.

Abhishek said...

was it really that bad o.O ? they promoted the movie through malayalam channels as well , n it seemed okay ......

Sindu said...

@Mr.Weirdo : Aha..competitor huh. :) You shall always be my 'Guru' Sir ;)

@Chibi : It is indeed a very sad state, Chibi. I personally feel very angry with reviews like that. It feels like blatantly seeing the world get manipulated through a powerful medium.

And yes, somehow copying telugu movies largely doesnt seem to work. Insanity seems to be carried forward more tolerably when it is through the telugu film. The minute it is remade, the same story goes way beyond digestible.

@Abhi: Have you watched it?

Abhishek said...

no i havent ..... n seein ur review , something tells me i shudnt =P

bomzie said...

1. Its Telugu, not Telegu.

As much as I enjoyed your first comment, the second one made me wince.

" to save tamil cinema from the illogical insanity of telegu movies"

I believe what you meant was illogical insanity of bad films.

i-am-the-legend said...

wo wo wo Sindu..! very good review. May be, I should see ur review first and then watch the movie. some sentences in this review are so good. my personal best was " I feel all light and warm over the 3K Adidas shoes that I carelessly lost last weekend. " felt it was funny and was bang on the point..!

Keep writing buddy..!

Sindu said...

@ I-am-the-legend: Hey... I am glad you liked it Nataraj. Hope you haven't watched the movie.

CHIBI said...

@sindu : I don't know if you have seen the "Neeya Naana" episode on topic ' commercial cinema vs realistic cinema'. participants were from the film industry and i am sad to say, half of them didn't know the actual difference from the two. if creators are clueless.. god save the audience.

it was a good episode, similar to the lines of discussion here but of course, on a bigger issue.

@ boomzie : sorry for the wrong spelling, it should have been telugu.

i did mean telugu movies.. even though, there are really good telugu movies, they should never be remade in tamil, doesnt suit the style here, seriously. Nothing against that movie industry there. it's just that Remakes creates dumb directors and producers, who run behind star power for the success. any movie which is remade becomes a 2nd grade movie, never will it surpass the original in anyway. so why do it and spoil the flavor.

i-am-the-legend said...

@Sindhu: Ha ha..! I have watched it buddy..! But was feeling all these points when I was coming out of the movie itself. i just believed in all those false reviews. Thats why I have decided to follow ur review before I go for next movie..!
waiting for them to start..!

ThunderEmperor said...

I think the movie is like "2001: A Space Odyssey" (People of the time couldn't appreciate its beauty); I have been recommending it to some friends as a must watch.