Monday, July 25, 2011

I Judge, therefore I Am

When she kept watching silly sitcoms, I labeled her dumb
When she kept flirting with many guys, I labeled her a whore
When she kept blabbing incessantly, I labeled her disconnected
When he kept reacting to lame things, I labeled him immature
When he kept giving blank stares, I labeled him a freak
When she kept giving unwanted intellectual discourses, I labeled her haughty
When he kept taking drugs, I labeled him spoiled and lost in his path
When she kept wanting to be alone, I labeled her weird
When she eloped with a driver, I labeled her 'gone to the dogs'
When she had a child within a year of marriage, I labeled her 'incapable of thinking progressive'


When I watch silly sitcoms, I am taking a break, learning to have fun and connecting with the funnier side of life.

When I flirt with many guys, I am breaking the shackles of confinement and experimenting with true sexual liberation.

When I blabber incessantly, I am simply on a crazy high; I believe that crazy highs are the best thing to have in life and anyone missing out on such an experience is really losing out on something precious.

When I react to lame situations, it is simply because its one of those days when I need to vent out all the pent up stress that unfair life has thrust on me.

When I am giving blank stares, I am on a creative roll  in the higher plane of profoundness which lower mortals won't understand.

My intellectual discourses are the most important things that should matter to the world.

When I am taking drugs, I am just seeking out novel stimulation and breaking traditional norms of what is good or bad; I can come out of it anytime I want, you know. I can never get out of control.

When I want to be alone, well... I just want to be alone you stupid mortals! Leave me alone... I do not find pleasure in your pointless conversations.

When I eloped with a driver, it was because he was THE guy to elope with, you know... literally like Sarath Kumar saar in Surya Vamsam who has a heart of gold and will get rich in a song's time. It is a fairy tale affair, guys - unlike your boring ones.

If I want a child soon after getting married, it is only because I have other plans when I am 30 - when you morons who didn't have foresight will be putting on hold a career that almost reached halfway up there. I think 'different'.

Labels, labels and more labels. Almost everyone who cross my path is quick to be labeled; effortlessly judged. I am the center of the universe and I am the standard of what normalcy is and anyone who deviates is a specimen created to add drama to life. If every one of us is the Cinderella, who really will turn the step-mother and finish the fairy tale?


Anonymous said...

:) Excellent post Sindu.


CHIBI said...

I've always been curious about the labels, i might been tagged with, but there's been no certain way to find them...!!

I guess we all have this Inherent quality of judging and labeling people.. our mind needs an instant descriptive identification added to the existing label of name and look.
perhaps, its not wrong to label people.. cos everyone we label, wud have a label for us too..!

CHIBI said...

Everyone should get to be the star in their fairy tale version atleast.. cos it's the star who wins the story.. it would be very unfair to lose in our own fairy tale..!

Abhishek said...


And when I'm commenting on this , I'm labeling you creative :P


Looks like you sure took a break from what you usually do . Great work :D

Anonymous said...

@Chibi - it would be very unfair to lose in our own fairy tale..!
:) I liked that.

Sindu said...

@V : Ah..thank you!:) Comments like these turn out to be the culprits in getting me to think special of myself u know ;)

Sindu said...

@Chibi: intelligent fella, what are you doing here in my blog? You should be out there, giving speeches and writing books you know.

"Everyone should get to be the star in their fairy tale version at least.. cos it's the star who wins the story.. it would be very unfair to lose in our own fairy tale..!"

Wow..what a line! :)

Yes, it is indeed a survival technique perhaps, evolved to quickly sift through people without having to analyze them every time but I have always felt that true actualization only came once we break free of the shackles of primal evolutionary instincts. Idk if that makes sense.

In a way, it is like what the support wheels of a bicycle did for us...helped us to maintain balance till a certain point, after which we could, with a little effort, manage on our own. Similarly, disillusionment in order to feel secure and good about ourselves is beneficial to get to a certain point; crucial in fact. Yet, when we can, the clutches got to be abandoned! :)

Sindu said...

@Abhishek: Ha ha... now, that's my brilliant witty student for you, ppl! :) Creative? Hmmm.. interesting. Can we merely look at a single article and label the author creative? Will it be wrong judgment? Well.. again, I guess we'll never know.. many of the so called creative works are heavily plagiarized today..oops, they call it 'inspired'. :) That said, no, this is my own and glad you liked it! :)

CHIBI said...

@ V & sindu..

Thanks.. I never thought that comment of mine, would make any impact.. infact i never realized it's beauty wen i wrote it..:D

Priyanka said...

Every point had me nodding my head vigorously in agreement.. A slap on the face of all those who judge easily without second thought to finer emotions..

Good post, as usual:)

Sindu said...

@Priyanka: Hey..welcome! Your first comment on my blog I guess..well, I am honored! :) Thank you and am glad you feel the same on the issue.

sid said...

For too long i felt, judging people is a necessary evil we have to do with. Until i stumbled across a verse in the Bhagavad Gita that said - 'The humble sage, by virtue of true knowledge, sees with equal vision a learned and gentle brahmana, a cow, an elephant, a dog and a dog-eater [outcaste]'

Perhaps it's what you imply too when you mention 'I've always felt that true actualization only comes once we break free of the shackles of primal evolutionary instincts'.. N so i'm sure you'd gracious enough not to label me as 'lazy' despite this super late comment of mine that's been long due! ;) Nice refreshing style of writing and a brilliantly apt title btw :)

Anonymous said...

Your style oozes class, You have a new fan :)

- Arjun Menon