Sunday, August 21, 2011

When Mars Seemed to Eclipse

Celebrations in college are a great way to spend time; No classes, freedom to roam around the campus without restrictions and most importantly, there you are - amidst almost 4000 young men and women; a sample of almost an entire generation that will make tomorrow's trends, careers and aspirations; a sample of population that any social scientist would die for - all out in the open for you to observe.  (Not that I am  some great intellectual lord to be sampling others for observation. Yet, noticing others around is definitely not new habit for the species ).There is another interesting factor about such days - the fact that there is no protocol to follow. 

Think about it - Any institution, whether an office or grocery store or even the gym has a purpose, an agenda for the visitor. You go there for something. For e.g., you go to a college for education (Of course, it is another thing that nothing close to the true sense of the word ever happens there). They give you a class, they give you a timetable and you know exactly where to go, equipped with what and do what at any point of time during the stay. In short, your role is set; So are the roles of others coming there and generally all the roles tend to be alike.

In short, behavior tends to be uniform. For e.g., everyone does the same set of things during a class - either take notes or listen or  write. Some might be doodling designs or even sleeping but outwardly, they make sure that they seem to be playing their role - one of a student. Not surprising. After all, this  was the point in the very first place - giving similar roles reduces variance in personalities and this makes management easier and convenient. Now, though it might seem a bit drab, this setting works well for many - especially those who get quite uncomfortable in a protocol-less situation; uncomfortable, interacting with myriad characters and bringing out his own.

This is exactly why, occasions like parties or even a get-together for a short while in a campus is a good place to notice the REAL. No one gave a protocol for these times. You are basically quite on your own to do your own thing, your own way and hence, what you end up doing and how you do it could quite bring out differences in behavior.

While I am surely not expert enough to ascertain individual differences, one category stood out loud and clear though - the Gender Gap. I mean, if some alien were to have landed in the Gokulashtami celebrations of my college today..some alien, who is not aware of a concept called 'gender' - he really would have wondered. Apart from wondering why some members had longer hair and were more colorfully clothed, he would have wondered why these members were also visibly meeker, more self-conscious, quieter and subdued than the other group and in fact, more so in front of this other group.

(To be contd...)

P.S: Yeah ya..I know. I keep saying I will continue and the thread disappears without a trace. I know. But somehow I have this huge talent for starting at one point and drifting effortlessly to a totally new point and so on, finally having too much in the hands to bring justice to anything. So... well, it is just hope for now that all the thoughts will see light! :) Have a great day..and thanks for reading! I don't know what I am blabbing but it feels good to directly address those who are taking time to read this. After all, I don't get to do it in all the posts. It is usually me playing the role of a typical blogger of a personal weblog - the narcissistic, self-obsessed, opinionated cyber personality in an 'addressing' mode - automatically assuming that a world of people are out there waiting to know about her life, her thoughts and her experiences. Well, maybe for a lot of them, there IS such a world out there. Is it too wrong to assume that we are important? Is humility a cloak for lack of confidence? Oh man, I don't know. I just don't!


mr.weirdo!! said...

they say smile when you dono the wat the person is talking about - likewise humility cold be a coverup for lack of confidence i guess.

Ppl in my office say am cool headed, unreactive to a tensed situation. The truth is i dono the ans so till i find out i choose to remain quiet & think. Sometimes this looks as a humble posture. We need to have some demarcation i guess. At least i dono the diff.

About the 'real you' when you are put in a situation - dont we act there as well? to please someone - to be taken as cultured - to be seen as cool & smart. we all tend to keep our best foot forward. Maybe the situation you are want to say is the scenario where we overlook all the things that was imparted on us to be civilised & break free to express our inner thoughts. A situation where we dont mind what others think & only see what we want & what makes sense. A real situation to test us indeed.

bomzie said...

Come on, seriously..... Humility a cloak for lack of self confidence????

You could as easily say that one is such a good person that they are humble so as not to make others feel less of themselves....

CHIBI said...

Gender gap.. hahaha.. it's the south indian style of get-togethers.. we have schools, colleges which broaden the gap between male n female, as if we would mingle and create a new species.. :P

students from those places hardly do anything to bridge it. pathetic situation..!

CHIBI said...

btw.. i would like a description of your 'obervation' in your future blogs..! it would be very interesting read for a fellow social 'observer' like me..!

mr.weirdo!! said...

btw i cant get the meaning of the title. can u elucidate?

Sindu said...

:) Seriously guys... this had to be one of my shittier posts.. thanks for taking the time to write in.. really!

Sindu said...

@Bomzie: And why do you not want to make people think less of themselves? Only not to make them feel bad or do you , heart of heart, think that making them feel lesser to you could trigger a bit of divide and hostility towards you? Fear of rejection?? Think.. think... :)

Sindu said...

@Chibi: Maybe the schools and colleges only serve to widen the gap that already exists by virtue of nature itself?

And this is exactly what I want to take up in the next post... but do pray I get to complete it at least :D

Sindu said...

@Mr.Weirdo: (Gosh! You should seriously consider a change of name. It feels mean to address you as weirdo every time :D)

Hmm..interesting point indeed.However I feel there is only so much you can do to hide certain facets of the self. At some point or the other, it certainly comes out... especially in a restriction-less situation.

And the title.. ah.. :).. Men=Mars.. and they seemed to over-shadow the girls in a lot of aspects. Kinda far-fetched, eh? :)

CHIBI said...

@ sindu : hahaha.. I shall pray for you dear, so you may complete the blog in time..!

I don't know whether to agree or disagree with you.. but here's my point.. it is not in human nature to shy away or get intimidated by our opposite sex.. hence it's man-made.!

I think it has a lot to do with the way society is built.. we indians are a ridiculously confused culture, at one time we write Kamasutra, then later we banish men n women from coming 5 feet within each other.. there have been dark times, wen women were not let out of the kitchen.. and still 33% is not a reality.

so it starts at home. some parents are very strict with opposite sex for no apparent reason.. schools just follow the stupidity which initiated at those kids eventually grow up to see the opposite sex only as an object of desire ( thanks to cinema). which is very bad for the society.

so i believe schools, even colleges should be a part of liberating the gaps rather than re-enforcing them.

bomzie said...


hahahaha.....The sun is so bright & beautiful that you can't see the moon when its around, but that doesn't mean the moon isn't beautiful. It is special in its own way.Maybe that is why the sun goes away at night.

Look at the bright side...

nonchalant psyche said...

are men really overshadowing women??? isnt it the other way round?

look at the size of mars & how it looks when placed near venus madam :)

ya totally far fetched i say.

on the scientific note - can mars eclipse venus? ever had a planet blocking the sun from another planet?

btw how is this name? :P i dono why but i have a thing for these kinda names :D

Abhishek said...

You'd think aliens were smart enough tell the difference between the concept called ' gender ' . After all , they did come up with the means of transport from their planet to ours =P

Anonymous said...

Another of your stream of consciousness posts Sindu.

This post also defines no specific topic or central theme, leaving the reader to take what (s)he perceives. There are several ideas floating to be picked up:
- the instance of leaving people to their own devices without giving any specific agenda (as happens on a holiday) and observing their behavior.
- the idea of a really neutral observer (an alien) viewing such a crowd and drawing conclusions (that there exist 2 distinct categories each with well defined characteristics and behavior).
- the idea that one eclipses the other based on some parameter (dressing).

Interesting ideas. Open enough for each reader to form his/her own impressions. This is also evident in the range of ideas that were commented on by your readers.

Hope you wind up this post at least. :)


PS: Hey Sindu, I'd like to drop in on you sometime. Would it be OK? or would you feel uncomfortable?

Anonymous said...

@Mr weirdo - what does nonchalant psyche mean? *shakes head*. You're crazy- you always want to think that you're different in not necessarily a positive way.


Sindu said...

@Bomzie: Well, apart from the fact that you have a bright optimism towards life, I also see that you have become a hopeless romantic! :D

Sindu said...

@NP: Yeah...the name looks know, just the way complicated things seem cool just because we do not get what they are! :) However, since it is so much more longer thn the prev. one, I am going to stick to NP. As for the comment, c'mon..don't get so scientific! Yeah..lame come back...but hey, really! I told you it was not a great post! :/ ;)

As for who overshadows whom and how... well, you have to wait for my next post! :D

Sindu said...

@Abhishek: Et tu Brute?! Now, you meanos are really being 'men'! Hmph!;)

Sindu said...

@Chibi: What do I say? You are a genius! :) Chibi... on a more serious note, thank you! You have given me a lot of fodder for the next post! Hope you are there then for discussion! :)

Sindu said...

@V : Well.. thank you for the 'stream of consciousness' link. It was bang on! Its funny how we kept doing something and never knew all the while that it had some 'hi funda' theory of brilliant men behind it.

Its also interesting how you could actually make that article sound so important! Lol. Thank you!

Drop in? Okay. I do not know what you meant by that. I mean, of course, I know what 'drop in' means. But you are the person who knows about 'stream of consciousness' et al. So..well, I am thinking of multiple layers of interpretations :D. However,if you meant the simple 'drop in' version - Well, be warned, for the real isn't as interesting as the writing! :)

nonchalant psyche said...

@ V
sometimes you use a pen name that doesn't have anything to do with the person it denotes - at least on surface level - so you can draw any conclusion you want :)

oh n btw the name means - casual/laid-back mind

Anonymous said...

@NP - Hi there. :) Point taken.