Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Seriously, can't think of a title

Whom do you write a blog for? For yourself or for the readers?

The question might seem a bit absurd. After all, if you want to write for yourself, then why not do it in a personal diary?

And if you are doing it for others, then why not write what they would enjoy reading?
Communication. Sigh. A perplexing topic that has had me writing posts and subsequently deleting them many a times. 

For one thing, I think it is an act that we were programmed to do by the very set up of our mind and body. Human beings are said to be one of the most helpless and vulnerable beings at birth. Totally dependent on another for survival. However, how did they learn to 'cry' - their first form of communication?

" There are three different types of cries apparent in infants. The first of these three is a basic cry, which is a systematic cry with a pattern of crying and silence. Hunger is a main stimulant of the basic cry. An anger cry is much like the basic cry; however, in this cry, more excess air is forced through the vocal cords, making it a louder, more abrupt cry. The third cry is the pain cry, which, unlike the other two, has no preliminary moaning. The pain cry is one loud cry, followed by a period of breath holding. Most adults can determine whether an infant's cries signify anger or pain" 

How did we learn to cry when sad and smile when happy? Was it natural or learnt? Infants seem to be crying all the time. Then, it definitely cannot have been learnt. Hence, nature, intended babies to make sound and especially make sound when we needed something - either food or relief from pain. Nature, then, intended communication to happen.
Though crying did have a purpose, it was and is still seen as something physiologically triggered by emotion. While language itself is a series of sounds, crying will never be considered a language for the sole reason that it is not thought of as deliberate.

If you have been around a baby, you will see that often it makes incomprehensible sounds, short bursts of sound. Is it mere imitation and learning and trying to reproduce the sounds that it hears around or is it trying to express something? 

Babies are often attracted to other babies they meet, say in places like restaurants, malls, etc. The toddlers suddenly become oblivious to everything else and stare in amazement at each other, like two re-united members of a species in an alien land with intruding giants. Then, the more gutsy of the two will try acting smart and go near the other. He might extend his hand or jump or start babbling. The shier kid either gives a shy smile or runs to its mom. Yes. Yes. I have been intrusive enough a giant!

This babbling definitely needs to be an expression of reaching out. I mean, what else can we do? Movement and language seem to be the only output signs that we are capable of. Yes, thinking about it, that is all we can do to create a stir - either move the limbs (walking, running, jumping, stretching etc.) or make sounds.


 It always feel grateful when there is a new follower or say, even a kind comment left on your blog. I do not know about those writers who are extremely famous with a huge fan following. Do they also get excited every time a new feedback or appreciation flows in? If I am not wrong, they would be. 

However, at the same time, there is a deep sense of gnawing shame and regret that I never do justice to these people who have spent their time on the post. For one thing, I leave the posts hanging in the air. Try as I might, I am never able to come to a closure on topics. One things leads to another and what you thought would conclude has opened up a whole new line of thought and reasoning.

I originally started out writing on this sense of regret. Then, I pondered whether a blog post is meant to be tailored for readers or the writer's mind. Then, it led to wondering the purpose of writing at all - why people write? Why people want to pen down their thoughts? Do they want to define themselves better or have a sense of creation? It led to analyzing the origins of language. 

Sometimes, I feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things to be understood in this world and feel scared that I never might ever come to a closure on anything. Ever. It is like a desperate search to find the source glacier starting from a very small distributary. 

Perhaps there are inductive thinkers - the theorists, who develop philosophies -  those who see an iron plough and wonder about the nature of metals. Then, there are the deductive thinkers - the realists, who see uses, applications - though who read about metals and think of reaping crops with iron ploughs. And the former are just quite doomed.


♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...

Hello :)
Just came by your blog!
Well, I guess, we start writing a blog to pour out what we feel. And then, knowing another people's views, and their experiences help us learn new things :)
So, I think it's a two way process.
We write, others learn.
Others write, and we learn :)

Nice blog :) And yes, comments makes every blogger smile :D Whether the blogger is famous or not! :P

karthick r said...

//On your thesis about the babies
We live in a country which is inundated with the likes of Mr.Tharoor and Mr.Bhagat, who have an opinion on everything that's under the sun. Topics varying from malnutrition to nano-science.
So, invariably I'm forced to follow suit.
Either spread smiles or annoy. A reason, simple enough for me to get going. :D

~ Cheers..!

Sindu said...

@PhilO: Hey, welcome! :) So, you mean, blogs are intended for interaction, which is a means of knowledge sharing. Yes. True!And yes, your comment did make me smile! :)

Sindu said...

@Karthick: Yes, a lot of opinionated people around. Having opinions is not wrong but thinking that only we have the right opinions that are never wrong is. However, on paper (or posts), it is quite hard to sound or show humility. Always felt that in their writing, writers seem more confident that they really are. Lets only hope that the smiles we spread outnumber the annoyances :)

CHIBI said...

adding to the three types, i think there's a "fear cry". the first shrill of sound, they let out as soon as they come out from the safety of mom's womb.. also, I've seen babies who are silent until their mom is around, once they leave the vicinity, they start crying..! they sense fear much better than adults.. i assume, the sense of touch and smell is far better in babies.

toddlers definitely have some sort of communication between them.. cos I've tried it many times with toddlers to imitate what they do when they see other fellow toddlers and received reaction like "are you crazy??"

as i see it.. the world will cease to exist without communication and connection between two things, living or celestial.

CHIBI said...

@ sindu: closure to a topic is like dropping a stone into a deep flowing river.. you maybe able to find it in the river bed if you search enough, but in mean time, you'd get distracted by many other things around it, that you lose interest in it and move on to another..!

@ karthick : Atleast tharoor and bhagat know something about matters, It rather them than what bollywood has to say about every other issue.. :)

Shreya said...

Hi!! Loved this post. yea every blogger feels great receiving a new comment/follower.. me too jump a little on my chair n whisper:"yay!! I have a comment!!" Keep posting.. :)
Have a look at my blog if you like!!


Anonymous said...

Cough, cough *Clearing throat and switching on lecturer mode*
(Dear Children - implied)

Action / behavior that is done without thought in response to a defined stimulus is called instinct. Such behavior is not learnt. The cry of a human baby is one such behavior in response to certain stimuli (hunger, fear etc), but it certainly is meant to 'communicate'
a certain state to its caregivers. Going by your descriptions of child behavior there could be an observational ethologist sitting inside you, only thing is that she may be a wee bit flighty. ;)

Regarding why people write blogs, it could be one or all of the reasons cited, - to express oneself, to seek validation of one's thoughts, to seek alternate viewpoints, but fundamentally it is a means of 'communication'.

Sindu - wondering why you go from topic to topic? Have a look at the title of your blog... :D

Stream of consciousness writing isn't bad. Many discoveries have been made in a state of reverie.


Abhishek said...

writers pen down their thoughts when they can no longer be held in their heads .

As for your ..... difficulty in finding a closure on topics , that could be because you're thought-process moves so fast that by the time you've reached a conclusion , you're already 2 topics ahead .

Thats how some people miss words when they're writing something .

As for communication among babies , couldnt it just be that they're completely astounded by seeing someone of their kind for hte first time ...... and runnin around experimenting :) ?

Anu Krishnan said...

"Sometimes, I feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things to be understood in this world and feel scared that I never might ever come to a closure on anything."

Sometimes it's amazing how you translate what are just passing thoughts to most of us into such elaborate posts! Such a lot of attention paid to what wouldn't be given a second thought by most people!

Sindu said...

@Chibi: Become an expert on children, huh? :)
But someday, we got to collect all the thrown stones, Chibi. They have such valuable clues that we might not have known when we threw them.

@Shreya: Thank you so much for coming here. I am right on my way to checking out your blog! :)

Sindu said...

@V: Really sat back and took a long look at that comment. Yes, felt like a child obediently listening to a discourse! :) Thank you, V. Always feels great to read your comments (esp. when they are more than a line!) :)

@Abhishek: "writers pen down their thoughts when they can no longer be held in their heads ."
Clap!Clap! Brilliant! So reflects the truth in a sentence.
And no, my thought process moves so random that I lose the topic mid-way.

Sindu said...

@Anu: Passing thought? :) It is a huge recurring fear, Anu. I am sure it is to you too...if not to the same magnitude. Comes back over and over again to haunt you... too evil to just be a passing thought, you know. :)

CHIBI said...

@ sindu : haha.. i wish.. I like to observe the kids around me. for only kids dont judge you, for what ever stupid thing you do.

stones don't need to be collected back, they all will fall in place to make a foundation called Science.!

Srinidhi said...

I think that the essence of thoughts is to travel from one frame of thinking to another. travel. Travel till you find an unexplored rock. Then you look under it. Discover new sides before travelling again. That is what I love! And you do so much of it in this post. Its amazing!!! :)

I feel the same about writing and reading. Often, I end up never posting. So its so confusing. I still till date screen my writing from for me and for others. :)

Anu Krishnan said...

Wouldn't have thought of calling it 'fear' earlier, but now when I think of it, it IS a scary recurring thought which I am too cowardly to acknowledge.

Sindu said...

@Srinidhi: Brilliant parallel drawn about the thinking process! Really! :)

@Anu: I sense so much of depth of emotion in that sentence, Anu. Don't worry... once you start a solid plan of action, you will find all the fears melting away!