Friday, November 11, 2011

A boo to the Big T

Which is more essential? To be predominated by thoughts or feelings?

For a long time, I thought it was the former. Wow, I said to myself, Imagine an existence that is majorly steered by sound thoughts. One can remain impersonal, detached, take good decisions, feel empowered and assertively lead life. So much in contrast to being a wimpy emotional being whose inner realms that are so carefully chiseled after long hours of inner debate, largely remain unknown.

Today, I learnt to disagree.

The problem with thoughts is - well, you can justify anything. The fact that everything in this world has both pros and cons is so craftily utilized by the thinker. He is able to rationalize the ugly gestures, reason out the small acts and explain logically to sound conviction, the awful deeds. 

"Well, it serves this..." ,"It makes sense this way.." "It is justified by this..."

Clever statements that you cannot refute, yet can only walk away from in a hurt silence. 

I understand today that all the Kalmadis and Rajas of the world must have been splendid thinkers. They must have surely connived some convincing argument to reason out and justify a deed as that. 

You feel integrity. You feel conscience. You feel the pain of others. There are so many beautiful things in this world that are too quick to be caught by conscious thought and dissected. And thank God for that!

Happy to be a feeler! 

P.S: What is this girl bullshitting eh? Thinker, Feeler, blah blah. Well, Yes, all of us have both the faculties. We think and we feel. However, the question is which is the predominant method through which you arrive at conclusions? 

Sigh! I really do not want to turn this post too into some mini academic paper, like I have been guilty of doing over the past many posts. Yet, I am having this itch. OCD you see. So I will state some over-the-top psych theory and no, I didn't write it. But if that is not for you, well, here is just to say "Feeling Rocks!"


The Feeling function ties together our perceptions in a wide, holistic manner, establishing connections between multiple objects throughout the matrix. Any decisions taken by the Feeler must maintain the integrity of these wide, interdependent connections, and not just the immediate structure pertaining to the given situation.

Possibly due to the type of associations that are established, Feeling is concerned with empathy rather than best logic, bringing about a moral conscience, a sense of loyalty and responsibility. Feelers give priority to personal values and consider the broader perspective before making any decisions.

Thinking types are critical, impersonal and objective. The Thinking function establishes linear connections based on specific properties. When making decisions, the Thinker only has to maintain the immediate matrix structure that may be affected by any ensuing action. For this reason, this type will disregard all that is not directly related to the decision at hand, and may often appear cold and impersonal. The connections established by this function are highly specific and often provide insight and understanding.

While Feeling is essentially a holistic process that perceives the world as an interconnected web, Thinking is linear, logical and analytical.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sindu,

Have you taken the MBTI test of personality?

The 'feeling' versus 'thinking' concept! :)
I recall that I picked up this concept from a comment in one your earlier posts. I quote One can connect with emotion but usually does not think about them. .

PS: Good post. A lot of thought has gone into this feeling post. :)

Sinduja Ragunathan said...

Ah, smart aren't you? ;)

I get all deliriously excited about that concept every time, you know. No joke, it is one serious work of beauty! And you should have called it a theory of personality. Test makes it sound like one of those what-kind-of-gf-are-you stuff on FB. :D

I have subtly drawn upon it in many posts. Interestingly, in the one you have linked - I didn't mean it. Have you taken it? Btw, that test on the site you have linked is not a good one.

Thanks for writing in, OT! :)

Indumathy Sukanya said...

I thought you must be over working yo brain when i saw that novel of a research proposal you turned in... :P

It's too much sometimes, go over my head! :P

but again...i'm a normal, clumsy, happens, i guess :D

harishsram said...

isn't yesterday's thoughts, today's feelings?

you think, analyse, dissect every pros & cons of an event & the experience & acumen one gets out of that process defines the flash of feeling one gets later.

Isn't that how one evolves as a good driver?

maybe am comparing subconscious & conscious mind or an involuntary & voluntary action. but thinkers & feelers do fall under the same mode i guess.

Sinduja Ragunathan said...

@Indu: Ah, you make me cringe! :D Well, at least you came here and tried to make sense of it - thanks! I will try making the posts more 'consumer-centric'. Lol.

@Harish: Ah, no no. You are talking about the reflexes. I don't know how to explain it. I think I need to do that better. Will formulate a good one and get back!

Anonymous said...

isn't yesterday's thoughts, today's feelings?

@Harish - No Harish, I wouldn't agree with you there. Feelings are spontaneous - almost a reflex, but not the same.
Both are spontaneous, but,
- reflex is mechanical, whereas feelings may involve chemicals (hormones).

Control centres for reflex and emotion are different:
- reflex control is spinal cord
- emotion centre is in the brain.

Thinking cannot control reflex, but thinking could control emotions (by rationalizing).


Arumugam said...

I am a feeler too,so a high five on that:D...I sometimes rate movies on a Kleenex scale of 1-10:-)

But I think,society rewards those who are thinkers more than feelers.

Suppose you a are a CEO,and the only way your company can survive is,if you lay off 10% of your workforce.If it was ME,I would probably think about that 10%,their families,their children,their marriages,their mortgages,their health insurance...and be deeply affected by the decision,and probably resign.

A thinker,on the other hand would face no such qualms,would follow the consultant's recommendations to a Tee,make no bones about it,and fire people and most probably see his stock options soar as a result of improved 'profitability'...

So you see the dilemma...

PS:But yes,I would make a better therapist than a CEO:D

Anonymous said...

ganja adikiriya, kalaku! you have penned it pakka..

Sinduja Ragunathan said...

@V: Whoa! That was a good one. In fact, that was... *speechless*. Seen 7am Arivu? Think somewhere in your gene, perhaps there is a Jung ;D

@Arumugam: What a bang on example. Perfectly summarizes the concept. And yes, society rewards T more than F... more so in men.

@Siddarth: :) Not yet.. next on agenda!