Friday, December 2, 2011

Of kolaveris and tea parties

"She remembered Wicca telling her about people who have followed certain paths only to prove that they weren't the right ones, but that wasn't as bad as choosing a path and then spending the rest of your life wondering if you'd made the right choice."

- 'Brida', Pg.73

The USP of fiction is not so much that it transports us to another world but that it makes use of smart ways of selling ideas. We are inherently born with the tendency to love stories; just as we also are innately besieged by the natural inclination towards music. Everyone loves a story - whether it is your aunt bitching about her mother-in-law or spending three hours watching a movie. Yes, preferences might change but end of the day, stories appeal to our senses rather than a string of ideas tied together as an essay or article.

Also, the rule of the thumb remains that most of us do not want to think; Do not like to think. The less thinking something involves, the more popular it will be. No offense to all the popular media content - I am not saying it is absolute nonsense. I am only saying creative humor is always more welcomed by the brain than deep philosophy. Kolaveri will always be more popular than Yanni's Nightingale and Revolution 2020 will always be more of a sensation than 'History of Indian economy' and people will always be more interested to attend a dance competition than a debate on Constitutional ethics.

Also reason why this blog is never going to really make it 'huge' ;)

So what defines better art? Is it the effort that has gone behind something? Is it the depth of thought in the content? The complexity? The intention? or the reach?

If your art is to 'communicate' which happens to be the goal of most art forms, then I would definitely nominate the 'Reach' factor. Check out this blog.

It is a celebrity of sorts in the blogosphere. Anonymous guy again (@V good appeal factor isn't it ;) ). The language is the kind of stuff you see in yahoo India comments or Rediff comments or one which you would brandish as 'sub-literate' if you heard one speaking that way in the bus or class. Yet, it sells. It appeals. I would call it a brother of sorts to the kolaveri song, another recent mass sensation but made on the likes of a drunk man's musings. 

There are some common themes that emerge. Content - the more relates to what we go through everyday, the better is the 'reach'. No one really thinks about the sociology of group behavior or particle velocity in laser beam when they are walking to office. But every person on this planet shares some common frustrations, observations, hopes and experiences - such as the rejection from a girl or the irritation of a loud mother-in-law. These are the threads that bind us and these are the things we react better to in art, especially in lyrics or literature. 

The 'form' - Is refined, polished, technically accurate language better than one that is crude, broken and full of grammatical errors? Does art have a set of standard yardsticks by itself or is it solely a judgement based, perception based medium whose worth is proportional to the number of people who like it? 

I am still not able to conclusively answer this one but I will stick to saying, if no one is really going to understand you or 'get' your message or even be interested in reading it, then what is the point of that content having been created? It is an amazing thing - creation. The birth of your work is itself to be celebrated. Agreed. But is there any value in the life of notebook thoughts and wall paintings?

Isn't creativity also about the packaging, so that it is easier and more interesting to be grasped by others around? Isn't that kind of creativity that we value in teachers and orators? So why not apply the rule to writers and musicians as well? 

Wokay, enough. Fucking depressing life.

P.S: Comments that ask the writer to 'take a break' or 'Chill yaar' (which actually are a.k.a 'get a life') will be deleted. Multiple times.

P.S2: Check this site out too. Another awesome genius way of 'mass' appeal.


karthick r said...

I have always been someone who writes/bitches/rants about my day to day happenings.
And recently, my regular readers [though only a handful] have started feeling that after a point it gets monotonous and predictable - thereby killing the essence.
But I do the same thing day after day and how could anything happen differently?
I took this up as a challenge and tried writing something different. I've tried only a few times to move away from my comfort zone and it fared reasonably well. The no. of comments may not be a parameter to judge those posts. But it made me feel good.
The real question is "HOW LONG BEFORE IT GETS BORING" and it is the same in LPTY's case. His first few posts were a rage but his way of writing slowly slipped into the usual-types
genre. I blame it on the readers.
They get used to things too soon ;-)
To be honest, coming up with a blog entry is more frickin annoying than deadlines. There is always this pressure about being repetitive.
Too much ya.!

And reg @V - whatay a cool signature huh? "-V". I guess he'd remember me saying about this. But again no harm in expressing jealousy again. *Jealous* *Jealous*

IMO, Things will sell only if people are able to relate to it.
I will stop here before someone says "Pfff! Thanniya kudi Thanniya Kudi" :D

~ Cheers.!

Spaceman Spiff said...

Thevigilidiot is like my Bollywood Bible now. That guy is a genius!

Anonymous said...

Also reason why this blog is never going to really make it 'huge' ;)

:D Couldn't help 'lol'ing at that :D

@Sindu - I liked this post - both content and form - one of your best.

Reg #local tea-party - I am not too enamoured by his style. I was just able to read one of his posts. His style is artificial and seems forced - it is OK for an occasional post. I'm sure you would've read about an IAS candidate's English essay on the cow. That was creativity at its best.

I liked kolaveri - it fits with Dhanush's screen persona. Also for the ambiance / mood it conveyed. (And everyone in the video were 'hot').

@Karthick - What amazes me most about your blog is how prolific you are - and all of it pretty neat too.


Sinduja Ragunathan said...

@karthick: :)If it made you feel good, that is just great, because usually every time I try to write different, it seems so weird to me - as though I am a different person in a different land trying to be someone else. Always thought writing is one thing you can never try to mould. Perhaps the way he writes is the way LTPY thinks - that just happened to be lucky since it strikes a chord with so many.

@SS: I hope you are okay with 'SS' for Spaceman Spiff. Yeah, he is good. Anyday worth a good laugh. :)

@V: What is there to 'lol' huh? Laughing at poor girl's misery isn't it! You didn't like LTP's style? Yeah yeah, orey the iconoclast only ;)
But hey, thanks for the kind words. Owe you one for that.

Arumugam said...

I lol'd at that statement too:-)

Your blog is not gonna make it huge,simply because there just aren't enough people like me,who like sensible,interesting posts:-)

Ultimately what'sells' is something that a lot of people can connect with.I find a lot of poorly written blogs with humour that seems stretched be big hits,with a lot of people.And some terrific blogs are little known and quite private....

One of my fav blogger's.Check it out..

Sinduja Ragunathan said...

@Arumugam: That is how I used to console myself too but I realized that it was simply escapism :) and it was becoming dangerous too - thinking oneself 'different' and 'intellectual' and looking down at the 'mass' stupidities. But hey, who was I kidding? I make it a point these days to leave a good word in those blogs too to rid myself of that attitude.

But you know what? I love this place. It is very special and you guys are so unique. It seems like those rare spots in the middle of the woods that few visit and hence remains untouched by the world's ways. This is no escapism. I really mean it.

Yes. I do follow that blog. Good one. :)

Arumugam said...

Yes,there is that danger of bohemian intellectualism but as long as one is self aware,there is no need to be apologetic about ones tastes.

I am sure you've heard of the Madrasan.Now,that blog is erudite and popular:-)though controversial.

CHIBI said...

a public rant once in a while is actually good.. even Kolaveri song is a drunken rant..!

Creation.. be it an Art or a baby.. it's for self appreciation or pleasure.. never care what others have to say abt it.

if Creativity is home food.. clever packaging makes it a Restaurant style food..!

Srinidhi said...

I question it sometimes. Why people buy The Times of India and not The Hindu or the Indian Express? What is appealing about sub-standard stuff anyway?

Is it only about fun? Is that what makes something so sell worthy? and others so "old-stone-age" :\

You brought out (yet again) all kinds of questions.

:) Well done! :)

sumitra said...

"Isn't creativity also about the packaging, so that it is easier and more interesting to be grasped by others around? Isn't that kind of creativity that we value in teachers and orators? So why not apply the rule to writers and musicians as well? " - Hmm, that's an interesting point you've made there.

There are different genres of writing, right? So blog-writing is one genre. That has multiple sub-genres. People on the internet have a lower attention span, vs. those curled up with a large volume. For a blog, it has to be kept simple, I guess.

Sinduja said...

@Chibi: Hmmm... is creation to express and spread beauty to others or to simply fulfill oneself? If it is the latter, I agree, we need not care. But if it is the former, well, isn't it good to actually feel the urge to increase its reach?

@Srinidhi: It IS about fun Srinidhi. We intrinsically are averse to anything uber serious or intellectual on a daily basis... atleast most of us are. Thanks for the good words! :)

@Sumitra: "People on the internet have a lower attention span" - that is SO bang on - Unfortunately! :(