Thursday, January 26, 2012

The clash of the titans

It is okay if you choose to fill half your pages with worthless brainless things. It is okay if you choose to have dumb glamour as your USP. Yet, you cross the line when you do cheap things for competition. You crossed the line when you demeaned the primary purpose of a newspaper by calling it 'boring'. You reached new lows when you did this:

And now there has been a befitting reply. Ad wars are fun and one wouldn't expect The Hindu to have gone into it but you know what? I glad they did. The ad couldn't have been better - I hope we see it frequently enough.

I am all for this war. And you know whom my support goes to - not that Hindu is the best one out there. But most definitely it didn't deserve to get demeaned for being boring - if interesting means don't -think -only- blink motto, I would rather be boring.


Between life's doings said...

lol these are hilarious ads! I get both TOI and the Hindu everyday, what does that make me :-)

Sinduja said...

:) A very balanced person indeed!

Arumugam said...

My parents switched from TOI/Bangalore Mirror to Deccan herald when I was a teen,as they were concerned about the provocative pictures being splashed and all those hilarious sex advice columns:-)

But the sad fact is these ads are not going to change readership,just like how People magazine and Cosmo have more readership than say...than say...see,thats the point!

Arumugam said...

btw,nice find.I had seen the Hindu ad posted all over FB,but didnt know about the TOI one

Sinduja said...

@Arumugam: Yeah. Yeah. It won't change a thing Arumugam. I know that...but just my way of perhaps doing my bit. My first steps into the world of current affairs came through Hindu. I know - too senti - obligations to a media establishment? Who are we kidding?

But it is there. And perhaps this was just my way of showing gratitude

priya Gopinath said...

I love the Hindu Ad!!! may"be I belong to the group of people like ""My days starts with Hindu+ Filter Coffee"