Sunday, January 22, 2012

Is it okay to hurt sentiments? I don’t know if it is okay but it definitely is difficult to justly persecute anyone for it because ‘hurt’ is a relative term. What enlightens another might hurt me, what hurts me might humor you and what humors you might be a principle of life for someone else.
#protect freedom of expression #protect artists from violence 


The Visitor said...

Intent (motive) is what differentiates good/bad (Morality) etc. If intent was not to hurt then no hurt need be felt.

See Kantianism.

Sinduja said...

What are intent and response but behaviors that we did not consciously condition but ones that come from learning and gene. It is fluid and changes with mood, maturity and evolution. A bad intent is just ignorance that needs to be forgiven and a bad reaction is just immaturity that needs to be grown past. Both are independent of each other.

In short, in the most perfect being in the world, hurt would not be felt whether the intent was good/bad.

The argument was not posed to contradict you but only to add more to it. Will see the link now. :)

The Visitor said...

... in the most perfect being in the world, hurt would not be felt whether the intent was good/bad.
True. :)

Reminded of parts of the poem "If" by Rudyard Kipling. Saw this just yesterday on FB.

karthick r said...

Aah! Hashtags :)


Sinduja said...

@Karthick: Of all the message in there, the hashtags?! Hmph, go continue writing letters to your son I say! ;) :P

Anonymous said...

Karthick has started writing letters to his son? ... and he isn't even married. Give a thought to your wife man.


karthick r said...

Hee hee.
I've this weird habit of using tags in my blog posts/fb which not many would use. After seeing a similar one here felt happy. IM NOT ALONE :D
Sambile >> Here
And the thrashing I got for doing so >> Here
~ cheers.!

Sinduja said...

@V: Yes V!! Ask! Plus he is prejudiced and doesn't want a girl since he doesn't want to handle romeo men like he is today ;P

@Karthick : Aww. Hey, that is not fair! what an autocratic world creating rules for anything and everything! Don't worry Karthick, we can use hash tags as we please. #rebel #hashtag lover :D