Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mind your language

Read this today and wished to share it - Fractured fragments of time

I must have read the piece at least five times so far and every time, it is like hearing a song - one that transports you, silences your inner chatter and bestows a strange sense of calm. It was indeed a meditative experience.

I used to feel that language can never come at par with music or take us to states of exuberant trances like the latter does. Yet, what a fool was I! Language is a more restricted piece of art, a key to infinite beauty but a key that needs to a lot of training to be handled unlike music that anyone can access. 

The more words you know, the more you learn to unlock this door. Once you begin to appreciate words, you will see that every new word is a note of composition - a painting of meaning. The language is truly a melody but you first need to learn the notes to understand it. The language is a hard art to learn but do it nevertheless - the fruits are worth it. Your thinking acquires more splendor, your being acquires more clarity and suddenly writing is a joyous affair - it stretches beyond the purpose of simply conveying meaning to an exercise to compose music, to verbally sketch the image in your head and to find God himself. 

Befriend the dictionary, decode the beauty behind new words.

P.S: On second thoughts, though music seems enjoyable without any effort at all, I think the magnificence of music too can become manifold with training and learning. Suddenly you recognize the rhythm in even small syllables and new entities like pitch, loudness and timbre orchestrate manifold appreciation in your heart, making the trance so much deeper!


Priya Gopinath said...

Nothing exists or created without language...Our first music /song is nothing but the sound ofa smallest syllable.... Not that every one can love and enjoy it.Few gifted people like u are there for it!!!

Arumugam said...

Good to have you back Sinduja:-)

Language is so intimately tied to who we are,how we think and how we view the world that once the words have been lost,the bond can be difficult to reforge.

For eg,I dont 'think' in my mother tongue,and as a a result my experiences are quite different from those who do, because of which I feel alienated.Surprisingly,I am beginning to miss my mother tongue,in the sense I cant comprehend it and feel entire new worlds have been lost to me

An interesting book for you


Arumugam said...

btw,a quite hilarious blog I stumbled across,the less than perfect language only adds to its charm:D


Sinduja said...

@Priya: Very well said! :)And well, I think everyone gets to enjoy it at some level... only said that by learning more, we can enjoy more. But thnk you so much for those kind words! :)

@Arumugam: Hi! Coming to think of it, yes, my mental chatter happens in a foreign language too. Someday I hope to get well-versed in it.

And as for that tea party blog, I had already linked it to one of my prev posts; you even commented on that post. Hmmm, either you have a bad memory or you don't read my posts completely! Bad! Bad! ;)

Arumugam said...


Of course,I read 'your' posts completely,but my eyes glaze over hyperlinks once in a while:-P

The Visitor said...

Emotions / feelings are an innate part of a human being. Abstraction and reasoning too are qualities of Homo sapiens.

Humankind created language so as to be able to communicate emotions and thought to others, and as a by product they now were able to create a repository of knowledge. Without language, humans could not have lived as a community; they'd have had to relearn everything in every generation. It was now possible to vicariously live others experiences.


PS: Arrgh - I wanted to say something and all of it seems lost in this abstruse comment above.
PS2: I too love to immerse and dissolve myself in a world created by beautiful words.

Sinduja said...

@V : Glad to know that V. It is now possible to live others' experiences. Yes. It is also now possible to transcend mortal experience. It is further today possible to get clarity on our own experience. All thanks to language!