Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Thank you folks!

Thank god, a few people see pleasure in pain!

I was always told that human beings move away from what gives them pain and move towards pleasure - whichever is the greater benefit among the two always motivates their action. 

Sometimes, pleasure is easy to identify - a nice spa massage, the pride of driving an Audi, bunking boring lectures to escape to the theater, the pleasure of eating that yummy chocolate fudge and yes, being with people who make you laugh. 

Other times however, the pleasure component in an action might not be so obvious at first glance. This might perhaps explain why a few people suicide or risk fire to save children or protest against the government and bear hardships to save the environment. In all these instances, though it might seem that they are actually opting for pain and hardship, in actuality, the gratification that comes from feeling noble in fighting for a cause far outweighs the pain. 

I am grateful that this kind of indirect pleasure exists in pain. Otherwise, we would never have had revolutions, gotten freedom, enjoyed inventions that have painstaking hard work behind them, discovered new lands...but most importantly, many of us would have been without the company of wonderful people. 

Thank god a few people enjoy the illogical whims and melancholic bouts, they understand gloomy silences and actually find it intriguing, they are patient with the ever frequent concerns because they see the heart behind it, they sit to listen to boring philosophies either because they enjoy the meaning or they care too much to see us go without a listener, they keep their good news for later to let us vent out the bad news, they prefer long walks over loud parties, they are willing to go for days without fun because we don't feel like it. They, for god knows what reason, actually embrace those who were created by existence in a fit of bad temper. Thank god, a few people see pleasure in pain!

P.S - I am sorry if I am not able to comment on many of your blogs. I will be up and about soon! :) Keep writing because I devour and relish your posts, every time, without fail!


Susan Deborah said...

As much as I enjoyed reading your thoughts, I value pleasure and laughter more than pain. Agreed that pain is sombre, classic and whatever, it creates a gloominess.
Even you have agreed that there is pleasure in pain, then why choose pain.
Risking lives, saving children and the environment -- where is the pain here? Maybe you should try to define the 'pain' that is there in your imagination. Are you talking in terms of tragedy and comedy? Somehow I think that the pain that you have written about is not exactly pain. It's something else.
As for loud parties and long walks -- they are two different pleasure giving entities. If you find pleasure in loud parties, I find mine in long walks. Anyway, the end is pleasure, right?
Now if I see pleasure in pain, the end result is pleasure alone.

Joy always,

Sinduja said...

Susan, by this post, I meant to say that both pain and pleasure are relative terms. Nothing is absolute. If we valued laughter all the time, why do we at times, excuse ourselves from gregarious crowds to brood in silence?

By pain, I do not mean physical pain. I only mean, taking the harder route; opting a path where more efforts need to be put in.

For every action, we have an alternative. Surely, it must be easier for a person to sit at home and watch TV rather than take the flag, raise funds and walk long distance to raise awareness. Sometimes we risk our own lives to save others. We had an easier alternative. Yet, we chose this because we got some indirect gratification out of this.

At the end of the post, I wish to thank people who love the company of melancholic individuals. Everyone loves the funny, hilarious, interesting person. Yet only a few perceive the depth in their more silent, more serious counter parts.

Like I said in the first line, the end is ALWAYS pleasure. Yet, thank god a few people find pleasure through unconventional means.

Thanks for writing in, Susan! :)

Anonymous said...

Hmm. *Puzzled*

Wondering what prompted this post. It feels like an outpour of random, disconnected thoughts tethered together by the slimmest of threads.



Tangled up in blue... said...

Well, there is something to be said for delayed gratification man! I've probably based my entire life on this principle! :D Work hard now, endure hardships, bang your head against obstacles, there is a better, more pleasurable life on the other side. ;)

On a more serious note, there are some people who actually thrive on pain. I once read a passage in book, it was one of D. H. Lawrence's I think, which explained how creativity was a manifestation of inner turmoil. Angst was turned into good poetry or anger channeled into sculpture, unrequited love into painting and so on.

In that sense, I suppose churning things up does help us experience a wider spectrum of emotions than does being only happy or only sad.

However, experiencing pain for its own sake is a sign of masochism certainly. Certainly pleasure through unconventional means! ;)

Sorry, I am reading Fifty Shades of Grey and I'm having great difficulty keeping a straight face throughout the book where the hero keeps insisting his lover find pleasure through the pain. Beware of that book man!

Sinduja said...

@V: How mean! ;(

Actually, it is just a very complicated and badly designed thank you note for all the people who genuinely prefer my company. I simply don't get it why they would like MY company but well, I am not complaining! :)

Sinduja said...

@K : K, I wish I could really give you an award though I have no clue how they do that! Who else will put up such amazing thoughtful comments for even the most random of posts? Hats off to you! :)

Also, keep up your quality of delaying gratification too. It is believed that it can be the single most important trait to beget success. And you are right! I should have added beauty too - yet another by-product of the mind's pain.

Fifty shades of grey? Okay. I am staying away from it. If you are having a tough time keeping a straight face, I can imagine my plight! :)

R-A-J said...

Whenever I feel guilty about my fabulous life and wanna experience n connect to true pain, I subject myself to an edition of 'Twilight' - really grounds me...

I think I prefer to remain as that pampered n spoilt soul that I am n can't stand pain of any nature.. think, ben der, done that.. now lets move forward... :)

Anonymous said...

I simply don't get it why they would like MY company but well, I am not complaining! :)

But, but, but you are a most amazing, wonderful, thoughtful person, who has so beautifully, sloppily said thanks. ;)

PS: Jokes apart, I mean it. :)

CHIBI said...

I read this post 2-3 times, trying to get the connection between the thoughts.. then for some reason, I felt like it's written for me..! so I guess, i should say "Thank you" rite ?

ganeshputtu said...

i went through a similar phase a few years ago...when i tried to develop my inner poet...a sensitive guy with a french beard and fabindia kurtas...but thankfully, atleast for the others, i outgrew the phase and shaved off that french beard. i realized that you dont have to actually be sad to write profound stuff, that melancholy and mood swings happen when we least expect it and it is better not to go searching for it in a pretentious way....i also realized that pain gives pleasure is not even true in the gym and i would rather be the beacon of happiness for all the melancholy and sad people around me, dispelling their moodiness with my cheer like a lighthouse, than give into my own sense of despair and mope around. i guess i turned a corner that day and started spreading light even in the darkest of places and direst of situations and i keep people entertained and never allow them to wallow in despair as long as i am around- there are thousands of people ready to give in and cry but few, very few who can laugh in the face of adversity and make others laugh too and make light of their troubles, which is what i aim to be.....if thats masochism, i dont regret it for a sec.

Anonymous said...

@Ganesh - Doctor saar, I am amazed at your ability to dispel gloom and spread happiness and cheer when you yourself might be under despair. I, on the contrary, am a living example of "அகத்தின் அழகு முகத்தில் தெரியும்". :|

That being the case, I too would like to spread happiness and cheer, but for my incapacitation. Is there any mood elevating wonder drug on the market that you can prescribe for unhappy souls like me?


PS: @Sindu - Sorry to use your space for consultation. But then this place belongs to the commentators as much as to you, right? ;)

ganeshputtu said...

its more a case of mind over "matter"..although in my case matter helps me too..i mean who can feel sad watching Sunny Leone's bountiful pics?...mood elevators are for the clinically (and chronically) depressed- not for normal people who go through bouts of mood-swings...rather than isolating yourself with your dark and morbid thoughts try to divert them with something else...i know its hard to actually do it...but i have found that the cure for every heartbreak (or break-up) is to immediately fall into love with the next person on the list (afterall you are now free to pursue alternates arent you?)......for more such tips to improve your life....keep coming back here and we will rag sindhu to distraction through her comment column (Captcha vekkira? naanga eppadiyum spam pannuvomey)
Ganesh (

Sinduja said...

@R-A-J: Ha ha.. not only do you not want to experience pain but I think you will pretty much make sure that none around would have to deal with any pain either, simply by your presence I'm betting! :) That is just wonderful, you know.

@V:Ah..V. Did I tell you - this post was especially written for people like you, who can completely make me forget the jackass I can be! :)

Sinduja said...

@CHIBI: You mean I wrote it addressed to you or it is a post that you can use to address the others as well? I didn't get you... but you know what.. I think the former is a resounding yes. So, thank you to you too!:)

Sinduja said...

@Ganesh: You and sensitive poetic person? Must have been a pretty ambitious goal...:D Kidding. Actually I think there are two completely different sides to you...(neenga mattum dhaan doctor ah?;)) But seriously!

Also, Ganesh, I did not understand the context of your comment in relevance to my post. I am not wanting to be sad. I don't think being sad is cool or profound. But it is just that err...I end up moody and groggy quite often you know. It is more innate to be a choice I guess (and its been proved). That does not mean I have resigned to the misery. I do try to be all upbeat about things but again, it happens with more effort for me I think.

As for you sir, good luck with your altruistic mission! :D Lol.. I am really imagining you with a white robe and a candle and going to places, spreading 'joy'. Actually I didn't get it if you were sarcastic but well, if you found peace with your cause, that is great. :)

Sinduja said...

@V: Okay, either I have so dumbed down today or I am really lost. Were you 'kalaichifying' doctor or you were serious? Lol. Okay.. everything seems funny to me.

You and unhappy soul? Okay. You know, I really have this Buddha-like image of you in my mind - the all-knowing, wise, pervasive, peaceful monk with a slight smile on his lips and knowing eyes, who has found his inner peace!

Sinduja said...

@Ganesh: Konjam yaro pona podhunnu madhichi advice kaetta, periya ganeshananda alavukku advice tharuveengaley!

Idhula creativity vera; ' mind over "matter"' it seems. Ellorum urupta maari dhaan.

ganeshputtu said...

ellorum urupada dhan Swamiji is trying...but enga? with friends like you...knowledge'a share panna free prasadam for you in my ashramam anymore you bad girl...

Anonymous said...

@Sindu & Ganesh - Just to clarify, I wasn't kalaaichufying doctor. மெய்யாலும் I feel that way, err.. sometimes.