Tuesday, May 8, 2012

That bunch of 'em!

"When I left the theater after our last visit, it was raining outside, and I had forgotten my umbrella. I went back up to his dressing room. Jackson was still on the sofa, now thumbing his BlackBerry. I said, “Forgot my umbrella, Sam.” He did not look up. “A senior moment,” I said. Nothing. I shrugged and departed a second time, realizing that Jackson cut me out of his consciousness the moment I left him. His “emotional disconnect.” Jackson has an inability, or maybe a refusal, to show emotion easily in his life, which is curious, since he invests so much passion in the characters he plays. Maybe it’s as Travolta told me: Actors like himself and Jackson go see their own movies to see themselves invested onscreen with all those human qualities they fear they don’t possess themselves."

An excerpt from the NYT Magazine feature "How Samuel L. Jackson Became His Own Genre"

There is something...just something about really talented or accomplished directors and actors and fiction writers. They present some of the most complex and interesting character portraits that one can find. Either creating, visualizing, living and playing another persona, something which we all do not get to do everyday, does have its impact on the psyche or only those whose psyche was fashioned in those ways gravitate to these professions and do well.

There is a depth, a mystery, a kink and darkness in them that I will never tire of!


karthick r said...

Aah.! The dialogue Say what one more time, I dare you MoFu, I double dare you is an earworm. #totally. :)
I've seen quite a few films starring S.Jackson and Pulp Fiction easily tops the list.
And his fanbaaiz have went a step ahead and created a Lorum Ipsum.
Leave out the profanity. He does add a certain charm on screen right? :)

~ cheers.!

Tangled up in blue... said...

I always used to wonder if Samuel just plays variations on the same character in pretty much every film, if he's just playing himself over and over again, something like what Salman Khan does in his films. But then, after reading this I think maybe that's not true. Maybe he does take the effort to invest his characters with more than just a larger-than-life persona.

Oddly enough, the film that is the best example of this is The Avengers. Jackson's Nick Fury comes across as genuinely troubled rather than just his regular badass characters.

As for your question, I think it takes a special kind of person who can function as a blank slate on whom people can paint their ideas, and he embodies those ideas and that new person so perfectly. I've always been very fascinated by actors for this reason - especially the chameleon-like ones.

Most people in these days of celebrity culture think, what are these people really like? Me, I don't want to know them in real life - I'm pretty sure they'd be really normal but it's the characters they bring to life that makes them so special and unique.

Tangled up in blue... said...

Also, love the new look! :) The white goes well here.

CHIBI said...

Interesting.. maybe it's really hard for very talented actors to show emotion in real life,as their mind believes it's only acting and not reality.

There are another bunch of actors too, who live as their character for the entire time of filming and then go back to normal after it's complete.. the comedian "sacha baron cohen" is one example.. he lived as his characters (borat,Ali G, Dictator) in real life.

I really envy their dedication and motivation toward their passion.!

ganeshputtu said...

Really Sindhu ? living and playing another persona is what we do every time we step outta the room in the morning....the ACTORS just get paid to do it...no one knows what their true persona is. we just have a vague definition of who we are and we live up to it...sometimes tha mental picture gets messed up and then the person ends up mental....actors, especially the finest ones, walk a thin line..they are so much more at risk of believing they are what they act...some believe they are do-gooders, and some that they are heavens gift to mankind...well, it takes all kinds to populate this earth, i guess...so lets cheer those who act well- it maybe our turn tomorrow.

R-A-J said...

I think SamJack literally patented the word 'MoFu'.. I can't think of anyone else who cud say tht word so freakinly stylized as he does...

I kinda missed the Pulp Fiction Sam.. the Nick Fury guy is not Sam, he's just worried..

wow, they actually called it a 'nigger light' n it just canged just like tht, eh??

Samjack - the coolest mofu on the planet!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm out of my depth here Sindu, but liked the post for its feel. :)


Sinduja said...

@Karthick: Yeah, yeah...why am I not surprised it is an ear worm for you :D

Not a fan of his but yes, he is really a great actor!

Sinduja said...

@K: K, thinking them of a blank slate where others paint their characters leaves so much wanting of what they really are, right? I mean, i think the description grossly undermines the complexity that they are. Painting on a blank slate is easy. But trying to change an already intricately designed slate to another design is what makes them fascinating.

I think these people are not normal in real lives. I will not call them great or special. But years of all the painting and limelight and coping with it all have made them different from the normal man... they are interesting people to observe! :)

Sinduja said...

@Chibi: Yes, it does take quite some commitment and talent to stick to what they do!

@Ganesh: Ganesh, you surprise me when I least expect it with the most profound of statements! I think you might have had a more personal encounter with many of these actors. And while we do tweak our character roles according to the situation, I don't think we change to drastically different personas frequently...unless we have split personality disorder.

Once again, loved this comment of yours!

Sinduja said...

@RAJ: Ha ha :D

"I kinda missed the Pulp Fiction Sam.. the Nick Fury guy is not Sam, he's just worried.."

I bet Sam would smiled seeing this one. :)

@V:"I'm out of my depth here Sindu"

Actually, so am I! :)

Hope everything is fine, V. Take care! :)

Tangled up in blue... said...

Sinduja, I do wonder at that sometimes. But then, I have only watched from a great distance. I don't really know any actor in real life. So, perhaps my judgment is impaired in that regard. Still, I prefer their creations to their realities. :)