Saturday, July 28, 2012

An ordinary journey but a worthy one

The past couple of days have been beautiful - a new realization dawned on me without warning or cue. Perhaps it was always within, perhaps not. Or maybe the subconscious finally found the way to enlighten me with some wonderful truth or it maybe it always knew the truth and waited with bated breath to pass in on when I least expected it.

I have finally realized that it is okay to be ordinary. And by ordinary, I do not refer to settling for what we consider mediocrity. Ordinary, to me, is about acceptance. 

I always had this problem - I believed in a special place called greatness and I believed that it was only reserved for a select few. I didn't see the world as flat... I think it saw as a hierarchy - planes one on top of the other. At the top, there were these really special beings, the chosen ones - they changed the world, they brought in extraordinary beauty, set new standards and fought valiant battles the results of which determined the future of all the others in the lower planes. It was not a matter of inferior or superior beings but it was definitely about special and ordinary beings. While everyone were equal and indeed ought to be treated equal with respect and compassion, a few set examples and created fairy tales that would be recounted by the rest.

It was an inspiring proposition to entertain in a dangerous mind. It was not just that I aspired to get to that place, but by some quirky logic, I actually believed that I would get there. Really believed it - which was, in a way, a shortcut to misery; because every hour was a journey and every mistake was a costly blunder. And every other success story was an opportunity lost. I think I simply watched too many movies with the fail-dream-try-sweat-win plot. 
It will always be a journey with no defined end

It is not to crime to aspire. Definitely not. But to always live every moment looking forward and dreaming of the future might come across as inspiring in a two-hour movie but it is a bit myopic to do so in real life. Real life is all about the present and real joy is all about gathering beautiful memories of the present. It is not a one time beginning-build up-conflict-climax-destination-end sequence like in the movies. There is NO one-time single ultimate destination here. We could spend all day and all night obsessing over achieving the goal but it comes with a cost. 

I still believe in hope, dreams and aspiration - but I think the competition should be with ourselves . And it should come with the acceptance that life is so much more than that - it is about love, peace and the joy of seeing others happy. I still don't agree that there will ever be one universal definition of success. Greatness then is not about getting to that plane above everybody else but about being a better person than the one who went to bed last night.

'When is thinking and dreaming excessive? 
When it prevents us from doing and living'

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Karthick said...

Absolute truth ..:)

ganeshputtu said...

hmmm!!! so the truth has dawned atlast? i hate to say "i told you so"...but hey...i told you so....

Anonymous said...

... being a better person than the one who went to bed last night.

Sinduja said...

@Karthick: Thank you. Am glad you could relate to the thoughts. :)

@Ganesh: Yeah.. you always will be the 'I-told-you-so' man :)

@V: Thanks OTEE! :)

Siddharth Sriram said...

It's the beautiful truth that goes unnoticed for too long, doesn't it?

Welcome to a life of much greater joy, satisfaction and peace :)

PS - Is that last quote written by you? If yes, take a bow mademoiselle!

Vicky Dada (Vikas) said...

"being a better person than the one who went to bed last night". Are you saying you want to be a better person in bed? or you need a better bed? ha ha.

I think your thoughts are maturing. It may look like resignation, but it's actually fermentation, a kind that finds cosmos in chaos. I can see that acceptance here is not submission, rather its constructive enveloping of situation and embracing of reality.

Keep the thoughts flowing miss.waterfall, but be cautious, lest you slump into (like you said) mediocrity.

Karthick said...

kya aap cancerian ho? :D.(out of curiosity reading ur pages)

Sinduja said...

@Siddharth: Really sorry for the late reply...hehe, the last quote..what do you think ;) guess you know the answer by now!

Sinduja said...

@Vicky: Hey...please pardon the really late reply.. having a very tough time managing work. And my my, I see a very different person commenting than the one who writes in his blog ;)

Not resignation but fermentation...hmmm, I like the terms :)You have so beautifully defined acceptance.

It is a very difficult thing, keeping the balance between acceptance and mediocrity.

Sinduja said...

@Karthick: Ah, I understood you are adept at astrology from your blog but to this psychic level? Wow.. :) Yes, I am a cancerian by the sun sign.

Karthick said...

@ Sindhu : No big deal to identify an image with its reflection. :)